Results as election votes are tallied across Scotland and the UK - your views online

"Labour will go nowhere until they embrace Independence.”

By The Newsroom
Monday, 10th May 2021, 7:00 am

Election unfolds

Results as votes are tallied across Scotland and the UK

Andrew George Burnett

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Labour ignore the fact that many of their voters support independence. They simply chose the wrong side - numbers are so obvious.

Richard Stewart

The end is nigh, SNP all the way.

Richard Stewart

Willie Rennie is a lovely man who would make a wonderful Sunday school pastor. The Tories are near extinct in Scotland and need banished forever.

Scottie Anderson

Labour will go nowhere until they embrace Independence. I’m predicting SNP to hold firm with a majority and Greens to make huge progress on list votes.

David Kavanagh

No Tories, Lib Dems or Labour in Scotland, all English parties!

Anna Mosspaul

Just what was the reason given for not holding the count overnight, social distancing? If so, can some one explain what the difference is between social distancing during daylight hours and during night time hours is, and what makes it so dangerous at night?

Willie Milne

What a joke, with all the technology we have these days, and we still counting 1,2,3.

Peter Anderson

As Mark Twain once said, if voting made a difference they wouldn't let us do it.

David Nicol

Hartlepool madness. They once hanged a monkey, now they voted Tory.

Ken Johnston

Why has the UK not developed a system to vote online? If you can securely register yourself to vote, then surely they could create a secure voting system. Stop paper. Save the planet.

East Lothian change

The SNP’s Paul McLennan has successfully taken East Lothian from Scottish Labour.

Pablo Pringle

What an effort. Congrats to Paul McLennan.

Craig Bisset

RIP Scottish Labour. Died 2014 telling lies for English Tories.

Kev Munro

First of seven key marginal seats secured. Yellow wall coming.

Steve Bell

Labour are a disaster. They are nothing like they were in the Blair days that won votes. Great win for the SNP for a fairer Scotland. The union is in trouble, though. England and Scotland are now more opposite than ever with left Scotland and far right England.

Seán Fhoirbeis

Decent guy, supports a gid fitba team. Knows the local issues. Will have learned from his time on the cooncil, warts and all!

Karen Brown

Best get our Monopoly money out then! No doubt there will be a divisive referendum next.

Holiday prices

Holiday prices set to increase significantly this summer, travel boss warns

Lynda Reid

Prices are already sky high, its shocking. Adding another £2-3 grand is disgusting. I won't be booking for few years, like.

Hafiz Ahmed

There’s a surprise .… not. Travel companies are taking advantage of the fact that so many people are desperate to get away for a break, so let’s rip them off and charge another £100 a go for a Covid test too.

Georgina Gibbons

Stay home in beautiful Scotland.

Billy M Mclauchlan

That’s a shock – never saw that coming!

Gary Jenkinson

Shouldn't be holidays until we have a clearer picture of how we are beating Covid, in my opinion.

Stuart Mallen

How about customers warn we won’t travel with them?

Chick Macdonald

Send a wee warning back to him telling him he can keep his price increases, we are not going.

Barbara Hill

Shouldn’t have foreign holidays just now - too much risk. Let’s get the UK back to normal life first.

Mark Jenkinson

If we want to travel then why don't we be tested while we have our two hour wait in an airport before departure. Same coming back. Then the virus can be stopped before it gets out of control.

Laird Ronald Simpson

If only we had the continuous heat of the Canary Islands I wouldn’t go abroad, because Scotland is best.

Andy Littlejohn

Everyone should be having a staycation and pile money into our economy! Absolutely selfish if you go abroad this year.