Return of Sunday parking charges in the city centre - your views online

"That's really going to help bring retail back to life in Edinburgh”

Saturday, 13th March 2021, 7:00 am
Updated Sunday, 14th March 2021, 11:34 am
Are Sunday parking charges a good thing?

Sunday parking

Business chief have blasted plans to reintroduce Sunday parking charges in Edinburgh city centre as many firms are battling to survive the impact of Covid-19

Kyle Arnold

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I love how they say "shoppers", ignoring the extra burden they have put on tradesman and carers.

Janis Hay

In the 11 years I’ve been driving, I’ve never driven my car to do shopping in town! I much prefer the retail parks, easier for parking.

Jamie Dockerty

Welcome to Edinburgh, rip off capital, doesn’t care about its residents, knows how to waste money and to mess things up.

Sara Whelan

So at the moment we can't go into town shopping, but by the time restrictions are loosened the parking charges will have come in, which will discourage shoppers from taking the safest (pandemic wise) method of transport and then they will wonder why the businesses are suffering more!

Maurice McCann

They’ll achieve carbon neutral by killing the town centre of everything other than tourists. Completely out of touch once again. Perhaps we should be encouraging people into the town centre to create a much needed boost for the businesses which have suffered during Covid.

Debbie Low

That's really going to help bring retail back to life in Edinburgh.

Sarah Cox

Only Edinburgh Council could introduce Sunday parking charges during a pandemic when town centre businesses are suffering and people are trying to avoid public transport. Eejits.

Tracey Wilson

We can't get into the city centre anyway because of the Spaces For People mess and the constant roadworks.

Ken Johnston

What shop? Frasers gone. Jenners gone. BHS gone. Debenhams going. John Lewis in doubt. M&S will be next.

Samantha Glenister

I knew it wouldn’t be long til this was implemented. Apparently lost over £1 million over lockdown with no parking ticket charges. Money first, residents are a distant afterthought…

Susan Clark

Shocking, but I suppose we need the money to help the get us out of this hole we are in.