Rising fuel prices - your views online

Further blow to motorists and shoppers as fuel prices continue to climb around the country, with diesel breaking the £1.50 per litre barrier

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 17th November 2021, 7:00 am

Dave Moffat

Looks like the government is just letting the price drift ever upwards. Push drivers to the so expensive electric option. Cars are essential for most and most can't afford electric at the current rates.

Tony Ward

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Was it just a dream when the UK government encouraged us motorists to switch to diesel a few years back?

Leslie Szary

The Tories want the working class off the roads and into the poor house.

Gareth Hamilton

The tax man needs to calm down and give us a break for a wee bit. I think we all deserve a little fuel tax break.

Colin Gilbert

Fuel duty raises £24 billion per year. But road accidents and enforcement cost £30 billion. Car usage is subsidised out of general taxation. I wouldn't expect this handout to continue, better to look for alternatives if you can.

Ian Addison

And nothing gets said about it ….just another ploy to get us away from fuel and to use these hopeless electric cars.

NJ Malcolm

Once again, major companies have to pass the increase down to the customer. Just once, take a small hit in profit and help people out! I'm sure the hundreds of millions you have already will keep you ticking over for a little.

Graham Gray

But 85 per cent of the population cannot afford an electric vehicle.

Angela Gilhooley

We passed one petrol station where it was £1.69 a litre.

Graham Gray

It's been £154.9 in Jedburgh Shell on the A68 for two weeks, because they love to rip you and the locals off.

Greig Stewart

Everyone should go on petrol strike. Don’t pay their prices – problem solved. They’ll be the ones sitting with fuel they can’t sell.

Steven Tait

Everyone should boycott Shell petrol stations, they are alway four pence a litre or so more expensive than everyone else, they would soon drop the price.

Lynda Horan

When is it going to stop? My petrol bill had risen to £50 a week from £30. And that new petrol E10 doesn't take you far.

Lynne Holman

Need to go back to doing what was done in 2000 when lorries, cars, buses etc made a stand and it caused fuel stations to back down. We had to get limited fuel but they listened back them. That’s what’s needed again to reduce these prohibitive rising costs.

Frank Brown

Are we the only country in the world to have both oil and food banks?

Thomas Cameron

Ridiculous, absolutely taking us for a ride on the prices! There’s no oil shortage nor supply shortage, just greed involved.

John Miller

It will never stop rising. I remember when it 2/6 a gallon and it will just continue.

Kash Ali

Simple answer to getting the fuel prices to come down is boycott buying fuel. Last year alone during a world pandemic the UK government made just under £21bn from fuel tax. Hurt their back pocket, even if it means inconveniencing yourself for a period of time.

Stuart Dailly

In 2008 crude was $147 a barrel and at the pump it was £142.50 for diesel. Currently it's £1.51.9 at the pump and a barrel of crude at the start of the month was $81.47. Someone is making some savage cash out of the motorists. Don't wanna sound like I've got my tinfoil hat on, but surely something is going on here.

Bill Logie

It's probably just a short-term fix and it will come back down . . . In your dreams!

Gary Nisbett

The Tories need to claw back the tax reduction they gave oil producers. Imagine if we had our own oil and not have some other country steal all the profits.

Angus Clement

All to stop motorists from using fossil fuels – outprice them so they can't afford it, all while petrol stations rake in the money like the government tax on it.

Edd Black

No agenda here at all, is there? Shame the infrastructure for EVs is pathetic.

Richard Brammer

Why are we as a nation putting up with this? Everything is going up not just fuel. Our UK government has made an utter mess of the country and is now charging us to cover it. Not on.