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Calls for tax cut as petrol prices hit a nine-year high

Motorists have been queuing to fill up their cars due to ongoing crisis (ANTHONY DEVLIN/AFP via Getty Images)
Motorists have been queuing to fill up their cars due to ongoing crisis (ANTHONY DEVLIN/AFP via Getty Images)

Graham Gray

BP would still overcharge, especially in the Scottish Borders along the A68 where all four filling stations overcharge. At the moment they are charging 7pence a litre more than in the towns, Jedburgh, St Boswells, Lauder and Earlston once the tanks are replaced.

Kenneth Lowry

UK Duty (tax) makes up around 57.59 per cent of the price of fuel, this is what needs to be addressed.

Jonathan Stigmister Sismey

It would be nice, but we all know it won't happen.

Alex Monaghan

Have the oil rich Gulf states open the taps.

Craig Marshall

Boris does not pay for petrol and I’m sure Sturgeon can't even drive. Lovely VAT income for them, why would they bother about us? Making an absolute fortune in profit, both the fuel companies and Inland Revenue. No point moaning about it on here.

Hallie Smith

Shocking prices! Put this up along with everything else, but no one’s wages. How is people actually meant to live?

Paul Taylor

Why is the price at the pumps so high? Tax hasn't increased and crude oil is at least $40 a barrel cheaper than it was when the price was last this high.

Lee Stewart

Risen by 5p in a week - no right.

Jbrown JB

Petrol and groceries...shocking hikes, and jester Johnson believes it's all 'good'.


Litter patrol wardens could crackdown on West Lothian fly-tipping

Valerie Symington

Just get the public to do it. They do everything else for the West Lothian Council!

Caroline Edie

Maybe try making the cost of dumping at the tip a little bit less. There will always be folks who will fly tip, regardless.

John Porterfield

They should have a word with Glasgow Council. They employed private environmental wardens and they issued over 80,000 tickets in one year - over half of them never got paid and the PF isn’t interested in chasing them up!

Garry Russell Cruickshank

Opening up the recycling centres to all trades and allowing vans in would solve the biggest majority of the fly-tipping, I would imagine.

Robert McConachie

Yer having a laugh. In the past there was so many employed, split shifts etc and what happened...cutbacks, no more pennies in the kitty. How many prosecutions? I'll leave that to those who know.

Pam Brown

Typical sight this, on farm and other private unoccupied land with properties boarded up. Easy dump.

Jimmy Smith

Stupid council should make access to the tips much easier. If your van is sign written, you can't tip. This council is working to make you pay for an uplift.

Atholl Cunningham

Edinburgh council won't do that as it'll mean spending money on a sensible project.

Tree trouble

Trees planted in a grassy area near Slateford Green have rendered the space ‘useless’ for locals who are no longer able to play sports on the grass.

Corrina Houston

I'd rather someone planted trees in my local area encouraging things to grow than rallied about on a motorbike or set fires. When the council or locals planted trees in our old area’s green space, we managed to work around them, no bother for sports and events for the community.

Carol-Ann Blaikie

There is a public playpark and grassed area which runs parallel to this private area. There is also Saughton Park approx 10 minutes walk away. There is also, White Park and Harrison Park, all within walking distance. The residents who live in this development, pay service/factoring charges to maintain the area. Any concerns regarding the trees should be made by only the residents who live in that development. For the past 25 years, this area has never been "open land", it is a back garden area for it's residents. I thank Dunedin Canmore for setting the record straight.

Louise Wilson

How arrogant is the person who made the complaint! Private grassed area, owned by Dunedin Canmore, for use by their tenants. This person has no right to be there, but still complains! His arrogance knows no bounds - I would suggest he stays off other people's land and stops complaining about things which are not his business.