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Supermarkets urged to cut petrol prices as diesel nears £2 per litre

UK fuel retailers are being urged to cut their petrol prices after fuel costs reached new record levels while wholesale prices have fallen
UK fuel retailers are being urged to cut their petrol prices after fuel costs reached new record levels while wholesale prices have fallen

Susan Fraser

Total rip off, the price of petrol is disgusting!

Pamela Mitchell

Update – It’s already over £2 for diesel and petrol is now £1.99 or more in most supermarket petrol stations! What a rip off! My partner needs his car to get to work, the costs are crippling him.

Ggavin Mmarkham

What about Westminster dropping its tax take? Nearly half of what we pay at the pump goes to the Tory Westminster government. Malta price is £1.30 a litre. They have no oil. Scotland is being ripped off.

Ali Wilson

Just two years ago petrol was down around £1 per litre but we weren’t allowed to buy it because we weren’t allowed to go anywhere. Now we’re allowed out again…up it goes! Surely £1.35 per litre is about right and anything over that (in this case. 65p over) is an outright rip off.

Ian Baxter

I’m afraid it’s called the free market. Suppliers increase prices till people stop buying it. More people just need to reduce or stop buying fuel and get the bus or buy a bike.

Nick West

Because it is not linked just to the crude price. UK historically purchased large volumes of Russian petrol and especially diesel - having to get that from elsewhere is costing more. So there are two things going on here - crude price may be moderating but our sanctions policy and Putin's invasion is the reason fuel is still costing so much. Folks calling for blockades of UK refineries don't know what they are talking about. That would just make matters worse - as our refineries cannot replace the missing Russian imports in the first place. Protesting outside the Russian embassy would make more sense, but still change nothing.

Graeme Cornwall

In my opinion it’s all down to the government clawing back money from Covid – it’s as simple as that.

Georgy Clarke

If wholesale prices for petrol have fallen, why has Tesco Hardengreen increased the cost of petrol?

Scott Lamb

Judging by the number of vehicles I pass every day sitting in car parks, at the side of roads etc. with their engines running for absolutely no reason, I'm guessing petrol can't be that expensive. And then there's those people who work in offices, shops etc. who decide to drive every day when there's perfectly good bus, tram and cycling alternatives (not including those workers who really do need their cars, of course).

Kevin Robertson

There’s a demonstration on 4 July. Hopefully the lorries will start blocking refineries around the UK. It’s a joke. Westminster think they can take everything out of hard working people who are trying to survive on what they earn. Come on Britain, wake up and fight against the Tories.

Kindly Cave

Where are the truck drivers of 2010 that took over the A1?

Luke Clement

Something needs to happen and fast or this country will crumble.

Tracy Grieve

I went to Tesco the other day and was going to put fuel in the car at 185.9p a litre when I went in at 9am. After I had done my shopping they had put it up to 190.9 within 20 minutes.

Stephen Hart

It's the government making all the money, the retailer gets very little, so wake up folks.

Billy Young

Do people not realise when the prices increase, more money goes to government? Their percentage of the profit stays the same, so they aren’t interested in prices increasing, that’s why they aren’t doing anything about it.

Oliver Crane

The government's cut has climbed, with the oil companies adding nothing but misfortune to the motorist.

Stuart McLean

The 2p per litre the forecourt gets isn’t the problem - cut the tax.

Scottie Mcginn

They put the prices up before they even get a delivery of the new priced fuel. I’ve watched them doing it since the end of the first lockdown finished. No wonder profits are through the roof.

John Cuthill

The Hub garage in Kirk-caldy – £1.99.9 for diesel.

Kieran Panico

Perhaps the government should lead the way and cut tax to the same value that the retailers reduce prices.

Pip Cannon

The retailers never bring it down. This isn’t a new thing. It would just take one big player to do it and the rest would have no choice but to follow.