Rollout of secure on-street bike parking in Edinburgh is set to double in size- your views online

"So refreshing to have forward-looking ideas actually implemented. Well done.”

Wednesday, 28th April 2021, 7:00 am
Edinburgh Council is set to roll out more on-street bicycle storage pods

Bike parking

Rollout of secure on-street bike parking in Edinburgh is set to double in size

Henry Campbell Gillan

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Another step on the way to bringing our city up to top European standards. Secure bike storage is essential if we are to encourage more cycling. One more bike = one less car on our streets.

Anne Carty

Disgraceful. Another crazy idea by Edinburgh. Too many other urgent things needed in Edinburgh City before wee bike sheds. The streets and roads of Edinburgh are now a total shambles.

David McCraw

Twelve bikes fit in one parking space, each paying more than some car parking permits! Nice earner for somebody.

Jacqueline Calder

I'm all for reducing carbon footprint, but more green spaces when new houses are built so clothes can be hung out to dry rather than being forced to use electricity and tumble driers would be good too!

Vic Weddell

They’ll need them to park the free bikes Nicola Surgeon is giving away.

William Manson

Now you’re taking up the spaces for seats, so we can’t rest when out walking. OK, get the car out, take my business out of town. Edinburgh doesn’t want us. Can Edinburgh Council please tell us how much they cost to buy and how much is the upkeep? Also how much will you charge to use? Fairs fair, you charge car drivers for their parking, but you spend more on cyclists.

Annie Kennedy

Public toilets would be a better spend!

Janice Scott

More stuff littering the streets and taking up space. I feel for the blind people and their dogs banging into stuff like this.

Bill Whyte

Why don't the council repair the streets and roads before throwing our money at these eyesores?

Euan Cameron

So refreshing to have forward-looking ideas actually implemented. Well done.

Valerie Symington

Another waste of money.

Chrissy Sutherland

About time. Lots of people don’t know how much of a problem bike crime is, until their bike is stolen, it can be thousands if pounds. Bike crime is an organised crime activity. I'm not a cyclist but I understand and agree with the rationale behind it.

Tully Tulley

Pick and mix, all in one place for bike theft!

Craig Watson

Deluded. Autumm winds, rain, snow, ice – bikes will go back in the hut and be forgotten about, fact.

Steven Ritchie

So, the thieves can steal a dozen in one go. Be better used for the homeless.

Jimmy Dobson

Be nice and bright when the local "street artists" get their cans oot!

Michael J Lockerbie

It just gets bigger and bigger – it’s a vicious cycle!

Paul Taylor

So, it's for residents and not visiting cyclists to safely park their bike when they leave them to shop? So, still no secure parking. It seems a bike should only be used for exercise, to travel from A to A with no stops... what a pointless form of travel. I suppose it fits with Lesley Macinnes's view that we all do non-essential travel in our cars and the same applies to bikes. More "crap" to sit next to the multi-coloured bins. I wonder if the students will use them or continue to fill the stairwells with their bikes? How are they secure? Do they need a key? If so, who has a key – everyone or only residents?

Johnny Allen

Wait, surely this isn't the excuse for fighting bike crime in Edinburgh. You could litteraly cut that sheet metal with a tin opener. I think it's more sensible to invest in the police to tackle these issues first.

Gavin Jarvie

What about multi-storey level bike parking? The Dutch use two levels to park their bikes securely in some places, which helps reduce the horizontal requirements.

School kitchens

A schools upgrade programme will see kitchens closed in Wardie Primary, Leith Primary, Duddingston primary and Ferryhill Primary for the next eight weeks.

Karen Black

Balerno High School is the same – kitchen closed for refurbishment. Why on earth can they not do it during the summer holidays or they could have done a lot of maintenance work during lockdown. Packed lunches are rubbish - no good for kids with dairy allergies.

Yvonne Clark

So basically they are getting a packed lunch. What is wrong with that? Hundreds of children do it every day, what is the problem?