Royal High would become 'National Centre for Music' under new £55m vision - your views online


By The Newsroom
Saturday, 4th September 2021, 8:00 am
Artist's impression of the new music centre at Royal High
Artist's impression of the new music centre at Royal High

Royal High

Edinburgh landmark would become 'National Centre for Music' under new £55m vision

Gwyneth Amy

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What a great thing, to invest in something that benefits the people of Edinburgh rather than another hotel!

Kwangiovani Meisteri

Enough hotels in Edinburgh already, so this is great news!

Gareth Hamilton

Just make it a prison like the one across the road used to be – Edinburgh could do with another for all the rockets!

Tim Wight

Good! It will be a wonderful centre for music. Bring back our world class reputation for all kinds of education.

John Kirby-Shearer

Now just get on with it. This project has been dragging its feet for years.

Ian Grant

Fantastic! Does justice to the building and to the long history of the Royal School of Edinburgh.

Katrina Boyle

Delighted to see this.

Nicola Daniel

This isn't great news for the state-run music school already in Edinburgh.

Tom Kerr

A sensible decision for once!

Jacqui Gordon

Thank god it will be used for an appropriate subject.

Steven Oliver

Forgive the pun, but that is "music" to my ears. Common sense has prevailed.

Dave Moffat

Great to see my old school being turned into something useful rather than yet another hotel. Hope our clowncil don't mess this up like they usually manage.

Kerry Courtney

Plenty hotels in the city. Good to hear it’s getting used to benefit the arts. An iconic Edinburgh school.

Charalampos Koundourakis

Aye, a public centre is definitely preferable to another hotel.

Alex Weir

Remember to include plenty of parking spaces as it’s impossible to transport a piano, double bass or drum kit by bicycle.

Pedram Valiani

Going to be way more than £55m.

Marlene Wentworth

That’s the best news to start the weekend with.

Sinkhole fears

Homes plan approved for 'sinkhole' site in Midlothian

Jacqui Hood

Who in their right mind would want to live there or buy a house there as they most probably not get house insurance?

Wendy Goodall

I remember a caravan sinking when I was at school! A girl in our class stayed there’

Digit Mckenna

Yet they are building en masse in the margin, where there have been a further three sinkholes in the last two years, but no mention of that.

Pauline Downie

What one will we blame, Brexit, Covid or Westminster?

Maureen Samuel

Does money come first? Lives should! Hope they are researching in building companies before planning, especially in mining areas!

Dawn Carstairs

This isn’t Bilston anymore, it’s turning into an overflow for Edinburgh.

Lewis Alexander Lach

They are all sinking. I think the only site that ain't had a holehas been the one beside Pentland Park. Sinkholes everywhere here.

Wendy Brooks

It was a mobile home that was swallowed by the sinkhole, a static property which had foundations and would need to be dismantled to transport. To be clear, this was the size of a small bungalow similar to a prefab. I was living there at the time and helped some of my neighbours pack up and move as it was too dangerous to stay there. Around 40 families left Straiton Park and had to pay for their homes to be dismantled and moved or lost their homes if unable to pay for this. 15 mobile homes remained there. The ground is still considered unsafe.

MOD homes

Edinburgh MSP calls for Afghan refugees to be housed in empty Ministry of Defence homes

Zoe Armstrong

My son is a serving soldier in Edinburgh was told there’s no availiable MOD houses. We also have homeless ex-servicemen on the streets who can’t be housed – surely charity begins at home!

Melanie Mathieson

Maybe it's time to get our own house in order and then make way for others. I am In no way saying these people are not welcome but nearly every city in the UK has ex-service people on the streets.