Schapps plan for bike number plates - your views online

Grant Shapps' plans to put number plates on bicycles and fine speeding cyclists labelled 'impractical'

Leo McCann

Another manufactured diversion tactic in the ongoing Tory culture wars…. So boring now.

William Findlay

When are suicidal cyclists that have no lights, reflectors or hi-viz clothing going to be educated?

Ewan Ian Mckay

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I already pay road tax for a car and motorcycle I'm not paying for the five bicycles I own. I can only use one at a time – enough is enough!

Bob Gartland

Never going to happen as the police have enough to do without stopping every bike that doesn’t have a number plate They don’t even stop the bikes on pavement or the ones that jump the lights.

David Boswell

Great; fine them for going up the left of large vehicles, jumping red lights, cycling on pavements, not using lights at night, wearing headphones and make it the law to wear a helmet.

Terry Brennan

Interesting concept as it is a step towards charging cyclists for road use. The future will see no petrol revenue to fill the WM coffers, so WM will start looking at other ways to charge road users.

Anne Mackie

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Something needs to be done. There's no way of identifying a cyclist in an incident. Vehicle owners are being screwed left right and centre. Where's the theory test reasoning if anyone can jump on a bike on main roads? Needs sorted.

Laura Lawson

Anything using public roads should be accountable, be able to be identified and be insured in case of accident - cyclists included.

Dave Gallacher

Insurance should also be mandatory. I had a cyclist run into the back of my van and even with two policemen as witnessesI could do nothing to claim the £500 worth of damage.

Leah Sadler

At the bare minimum cyclists should have to pass a cycling proficiency test to get on the road, including reading the Highway Code.

Neil Ross

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Glad to see this raised. I think it is about time this is being considered for cyclists, and for them to be held accountable for their actions

Gordon Livingstone

There are good cyclists, there are bad cyclists just like good motor car drivers and bad car drivers. The fact is we don’t have an infrastructure to cater safely for cyclists and motor vehicles on our roads. Separate driving lanes is required on roads but very difficult and costly to implement.

Henry Campbell Gillan

For goodness sake, to even consider number plates on a bike is ridiculous. The world has gone nuts.

Ann Thomson

Good idea. Twice I’ve had cyclists bang into my car and I’ve had to pay for the damage.

Stuart Robertson

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Westmiden is skint, scraping the bottom of the barrel now for money.

Jenny Mackie

I have seen multiple cyclists ignoring the red lights and they almost hit my toddler as we were crossing. Didn’t help that other car drivers park up on the crossing itself, making it dangerous and cramped to cross so you can’t even see.

Cameron Durance

How about getting bikes to put lights on at night and learning to ride them; and the teens running wild on the streets nearly running people over, yet police are not doing nothing about it.

Peter Anderson

Growing up, bicycles were a lifeline for people who couldn't afford other forms on transport. These nonsensical schemes which would cost millions to administer would remove cycling for many and what about children?

Richard Mason

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It’s not a terrible idea. Might be a headache to administrate, but why not?

William Orr

Been saying for years they should carry at least third party insurance. I’ve had my van scraped on two separate occasions.

First Display

Fifty years ago I lived in Switzerland as a youngster, every bike then had to have a registration plate. I have two bikes and would not hesitate to have plates for identification.

Carrie Malcolm

Victimised as always. Some cyclists do cycle too far out, which is wrong, but that does not give drivers the right to abuse us on the road. On several occasions I’ve almost been wiped out by careless idiots! I’m a driver myself and I cannot see what the problem is. Moving over just that little bit for a few minutes is not exactly as exhausting as a hill climb on a pedal. I pay road tax insurance! We are drivers too, just a lot less ignorant, enjoying a hobby.


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