Scotland to N Ireland bridge plan cost £900,000 - your views online

Boris Johnson's study into a Scotland - Northern Ireland bridge cost taxpayers £900,000

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 22nd January 2022, 7:00 am

Dougie Milne

£900K of taxpayers money to state the bleeding obvious. Johnson up to his usual high levels of bumbling incompetence.

Sarah Cooper

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And the wee fact of the trench being totally covered in bombs! Honestly, I think the Tories are doing a Black Mirror and seeing how far they can go. They're absolutely mental.

Frances Mckendrick

Plus £900,000 to paint a plane as well – truly corrupt.

Anne Campbell

For something he knew was never going to happen. Still, whichever pal did the study will be that bit better off.

Gary Gray

is this the same bridge Nicola sturgeon and the SNP wanted built or would that upset the narrative?

David Nisbet

I could have told you that for a tenner!

Steve Bell

Who cares if the economic costs outweigh the benefits to businesses. It’s about connecting communities and saving us money with fuel. There should have been a bridge connecting East Lothian to near Anstruther, like locals want, but still nothing.

Sheelagh Robertson

Yes, he likes wasting other people’s money. Get shot of him.

Chris Scully

No doubt the consultants just happened to be Tory backers.

Danush Kovalsky

That like 10 metres of Edinburgh tram tracks.

Dot McGillivray

I could have told them that for £899,999!

Robert Ayr

After Boris Johnson’s failed Garden Bridge farce cost TfL a staggering £24 million, perhaps he should stay away from bridges.

Roberto Baggio

I absolutely love a Scotland - NI bridge. A Kirkcaldy - Leith or Burntisland - Pilton Bridge. Kindly don’t set up a costing plan, Bojo

Alexa’s day off

Amazon Alexa, the smart assistant, suffered a UK outage yesterday

Amy Napier

I wondered why I couldn’t get her to work this morning. Thought she was just upping her game of ignoring me since she does it half the time anyway, lol.

Gary Menzies

Great news, our Alexa isn’t broken it’s simply joined a global army of them all going postal at the same time. That’s reassuring. Probably best stick to making our own coffees for the time being.

Steve Cooper

Alexa has moved jobs I’m afraid. She’s decided to become a GP. You will never get hold of her now.

Barbara Hollis

Does that mean now people have to use their brain now instead of relying on Alexa?

Stevie Carrigan

Ah, no way. I’ll need to switch the lights on the old fashioned way.

Nicola Forrest

She wouldn't play the radio this morning for me, but she's working now. For me anyway.

Michael J Lockerbie

A woman not listening. How is this news?

Kelly Lindsay

Mine stopped listening to me last week. She’s a pain in the hoop,especialy when your toddler is shouting "Alexa beat box" most of the day. I had to tell her Alexa was on holiday.

Lynsey Paterson

My alarm would not stop going off this morning, definitely woke me up as I had to get up to pull her power cable out.

Robert Baker

Alexa not working means she's not listening...might be a good thing.

Michael Barr

My Alexa this morning nearly got thrown out of my window.

Nikkii Martin

Just curious, but I would love to know what the most said things are to Alexa.

Zelda Lithgow

Our Alexa says she's working.

Danny Dickson

Gawd, what happened to an alarm clock? Wind up costs nowt to run.

David Drysdale

Upgrading the spying software!

Fire alarms

Home insurance claims will not be invalid if Scots haven’t installed fire alarms in time for new law

Ian Simpson

Might be relevant in Home Reports and Surveys if selling or buying. Mortgage companies and lenders may assess.

Jennifer Milne

There are no penalties for non compliance.

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