Scotland's performance on Covid vaccinations - your views

‘Elected representatives should acknowledge and adopt best practices that save lives’

Vaccine criticism is missing the point

Focusing solely on numbers of vaccines administered isn’t helpful (‘Scotland hits just over half original vaccination target’, News, February 2).

England has vaccinated a bigger percentage of its population because it went after those easiest to reach and not the most vulnerable.

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Because the Scottish government followed JCVI advice to vaccinate the most vulnerable first, 98 per cent of Scottish care home residents have had their first dose

In this high-risk group, 20 vaccinations are needed to prevent one death, whereas for those aged over 50, 8000 doses are required.

England’s scatter-gun approach has resulted in care home deaths trebling, whereas in Scotland they have fallen. Vaccinating high risk groups delivers more ‘bang for the buck’ in reducing deaths.

Scotland is also ‘behind England’ on Covid infections and deaths. Over the last week, England averaged more than three times as many cases and nearly two times the number of deaths per head of population than Scotland.

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Rather than criticise Scotland - one suspects to deflect from the tragedy of over 100,000 UK deaths - elected representatives should acknowledge and adopt best practices that save lives.

Leah Gunn Barrett, Merchiston Crescent, Edinburgh.

Scotland lags behind on Covid measures

Scotland’s vaccine perform-ance so far is pathetic. The First Minister’s hopeless “for some reason” response to Sunday’s nadir would be laughable - isn’t she supposed to be in charge? - if it wasn’t so serious.

Why are far more people per head being vaccinated in England, where almost as many vaccinations have been carried out in one day as we’ve managed in eight weeks? Why have NHS administrative staff who never go near a patient been vaccinated before some people in priority groups?

This inexcusable inadequacy is costing lives.

Andrew Anderson, Granton Road. Edinburgh.

Don’t miss out on your chance to vote

There are many examples all over the world where democracy is being attacked, so as citizens we really need to vote.

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However, only about 58% of registered voters in Edinburgh and Lothians voted in the last Scottish Parliamentary election in 2016. This seems quite low to me. Elections for the Scottish Parliament are due to take place in May this year.

Also, about seven per cent of the Scottish population have non-UK nationality. A German EU citizen I met in Princes Street recently had lived in Edinburgh for over 20 years but had never registered to vote

Some of your readers may not be aware that they can vote in Scottish Parliamentary elections if they are resident here.

You don't have to be Scottish (but you do have to be over 16). You can register to vote at the website

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I encourage everyone to register and take part in this democratic opportunity to shape our community.

Sally Macpherson, Barntongate Drive, Edinburgh.

SNP mask is slipping

The SNP has a carefully crafted mask of toleration and inclusiveness, that they are 'nice' people.

However, information seeping out from the Salmond inquiry and now the brutal removal of Joanna Cherry show a different picture – that they will let nothing stand in the way of dealing with perceived threats. They are as bad as the rest!

William Ballantine, Dean Road, Bo'ness.