Scotland’s route out of lockdown - your views online

"She’ll just do things slightly different to BoJo so she looks better”
Nicola Sturgeon said dates would not be set for lockdown easing.Nicola Sturgeon said dates would not be set for lockdown easing.
Nicola Sturgeon said dates would not be set for lockdown easing.

Lockdown road map

Scotland’s route out of lockdown will be “driven by data” rather than dates, the Scottish Government has said

Michelle Dimmock

Oh dear. Now when are the other political parties allowed to start campaigning with an equal amount of airtime for all on the telly? That includes those daily briefings.

Scott Smith

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Lost all hope now. She’ll just do things slightly different to BoJo so she looks better. I think she’s enjoying all this power a little to much. Pathetic political games now – “my dad is better than your dad” kind of thing.

James Wheater

With vaccination of high risk folks, it’s no longer necessarily about cases, it’s about hospitalisation and deaths. Does she not understand that Covid is only one source of mortality and that a good NHS taking care of all our health requires a strong tax basis? Look at the bigger picture! For instance, meeting people outside, socially distanced, is low risk, so allow us a little more freedom!

Laura Mckenna

I’m an avid SNP supporter, and she has handled this better than BoJo, but being from West Lothian we went into a stage four lockdown back in October and I'm at the end of my sanity. I need something to look forward to, some good news.

Susan Randall

We'll never get out if she's waiting on zero cases! I've lost all hope in her when she doesn't follow her own data. Get us all vaccinated sooner, then get everything open.

Scott Mack

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Doing things different to the UK government has nothing to do with independence. The UK government has had one of the worst responses to Covid 19 in the world taking many measurements into consideration (though credit for the vaccine roll out, which is something they desperately needed to get right) – why would you ever want to blindly follow Boris and a government that has one of the worst death rates in the world?

Ian Munro

What are Sturgeon’s plans when the furlough scheme ends in April?

Dementia nurse

A nurse struck off for pinning an 88-year-old dementia sufferer up against a wall in a Fife hospital has been given the opportunity to return to the profession

Shelly Bee

Absolutely disgusting to allow that person to go back and work with elderly /vulnerable people. I for sure wouldn’t be happy for them to care for my relative or be the family whose relative this was.

Val Whittington

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Having witnessed the sheer strength and violent behaviour of a dementia sufferer in a bed beside me in hospital, I wouldn't be too quick to judge any nurse. I was attacked with a hairbrush. Her family visited and couldn't spend any time with her so called a nurse to deal with her.

Jbrown JB

Terrible decision. Second chances at the expense of somebody else's wellbeing is appalling.

Carolyn Fielding

Shocking. Who would feel safe leaving their old mum or dad in this person’s care? It's the caring profession, not the bullying, inflicting terror and pain profession.

Joyce Sweeney

If this is true, it is disgusting that she will be allowed to work again with dementia people. You could not trust her to look after anybody.

Tabatha Jacome

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No matter how desperate we are for nurses, this should never be the answer! I am horrified that this would even be an option! As a nurse myself I can honestly say there should never be any reason to behave in this manner.

Monique Fleming

Should never be allowed to work with elderly people again, it’s a disgrace. If she’s done it once, there’s every chance she’ll do it again.

Wendy Douglas

Some residents can be strong. It is better to go to rooms with two people. I was a personal support worker for 25 years.

Kate Tennant

My goodness that is terrible. Is it the first time it has happened? It’s not everybody that can do the job that nurses do.

Evelien Kay

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Again, “dementia sufferer” is an inappropriate way to describe people who have been diagnosed with the condition. Not all people who have dementia suffer. A” person/individual with dementia” doesn't add negative connotation.

Ashley Young

In certain circumstances second chances are a no go. This is that circumstance!

Gary Walker

Shouldn't be allowed back in a care-type role. Obviously not cut out for that profession.