ScotRail alcohol ban- your views online


Graham Alexander

The point is that yet again the vast majority of decent, law-abiding folk are denied the pleasure of a drink, particularly on a long journey, because of the actions of mindless yobs and hooligans that we seem incapable of dealing with.

Janice Scott

Surely no one feels so deprived they can’t do without alcohol for a bit. What would happen if they introduced this on flights - would no one ever fly again? I don’t think so.

Adrian Asenov

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Rightfully so. Public transport is supposed to be a safe place, providing a nice experience. Drunkards and alcoholics can go and get drunk in pubs if they want to.

Lorraine Rourke

Do these people never learn? Travellers that want a drink will disguise it in other forms. At least when you are buying it from the service it’s controlled. Honestly they haven’t got a clue.

Dale Cameron

There's nothing I like better when I'm on my way to a high-profile business meeting than getting absolutely hammered on the train and making a nuisance of myself to fellow travellers with slurred speech, requests for a sing-song, and offers of a cold chip. The SNP's puritanical approach to the few pleasures that we have left in life is surely the slippery slope to national socialism. They'll be rounding up us high-functioning jakeys next and forcing us to sew big red Tennent's 'T's onto our clothes so we can be easily identified.

George Hannah

Utterly pointless. People who would have a casual drink on the train now won't, but groups of folk going to games or on Saturday nights etc will all still drink openly and nothing will be done about it as usual.

Bryon Adamson

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The number of poor folk here, bemoaning the fact they can't manage a couple of hours on a train without a drink. I wonder what that says about them?

Marjorie Binnie

Oops, I must have missed that rule! Can’t beat a wee carry out on the train.

Allan Smith

SNP nanny statism continues. What an absolute shower they are.

Willie Peat

I travel back and forward to Glasgow most weekends. No trouble at all. This is SNP letting us all know they want to control us.

Earl Cheffield

Good. There’s nothing worse than Jakes On A Train.

Si Redpath

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People still getting drunk out of their heads on trains. Not doing much to enforce it.

Cycle routes

Leading public health academic Devi Sridhar has given her backing to a popular Edinburgh cycle route which has proven controversial

Chris Gibson

Because what we need is more cars right enough! A cycle lane here and there makes no difference. The roads aren't big enough now for the number of cars, never mind if registrations keep going up like they have over the years. What do you want, take away the pavements to make them roads? Double decker roads? We'll need more cycle lanes because it'll end up being quicker than driving in a couple of years. Quite frankly if the Tories of Morningside object it must be going in the right direction.

David Carnegie

Let’s make lots of congestion outside a primary school, that’s healthy.

Sue Wilson

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Cyclists are given priority over pedestrians at the top of the Mound with the removal of bus-stops, meaning people have to walk further. Okay for able-bodied people but for anyone with a disability this has become a real difficulty.

Frances Petrie-Hay

Well, as she says, cities should be built around schemes like this. However, trying to retro fit into a busy, overcrowded, old city is what causes the issues. Everyone is fighting for space and in a cold, windy, wet and hilly city, not everyone can or will want to cycle no matter how hard they push it.

Stuart Young

Aye, minted till you need an emergency services vehicle through or something goes wrong. We need all the roads, every single one closed or changed over the last two decades, put back how it was. The whole town is a serious mess.

Brian Bridson

Cycle lanes all over Edinburgh that no one uses.

Scott Brown

Of course the SNP get the blame but over the years Labour’s trams destroyed 300+ businesses. Pobably double that will be gone now with Leith, and more with phase three coming.