Scottish government tightens rules on live events ahead of ‘reopening’ of venues - your views online


By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 18th May 2021, 7:00 am
The Festival Theatre in Edinburgh has a normal capacity of 1915.
The Festival Theatre in Edinburgh has a normal capacity of 1915.

Covid rules

Scottish government tightens rules on live events ahead of ‘reopening’ of venues. Large-scale crowds will be banned at cultural events in Scotland for another six weeks.

Pamela Tracey

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They are letting the Edinburgh festival go ahead, though, because it makes money – not caring about crowds then though. Think of thyself and to he with those in the entertainment business who have not had work for over a year!

John Keating

Well, apart from demos to stop deportation of illegal immigrants, football celebrations and marches in support of Palestinians!

Tracey Henry

She’s ruined the entertainment industry.

Ellen Perkins

Oh great, ban the people who would obey but praise Southside shenanigans and pretend football supporters will behave. What a load of absolute bs.

Claire A A Eadie

Rather than let everyone else pay the price for stupidity of others, how about you deal with them? Over the past week none of those gatherings should have been allowed to happen by the current rules, yet they were allowed to go ahead.

David Lee

By the time they relax measures we will be in our next lockdown.

Steven Davies

Cinemas are reopening, why not theatres?

Chalky Whitehead

Bit of a joke considering events of last few days, is it not?

Alex Mclean

They’d be idiots to go ahead with Edinburgh Tattoo and Festival. The planning is costly with no guarantee of them going ahead. Forget them and concentrate on getting right local hospitality such as pubs, restaurants and nightlife. Tourism can wait.

Tracey Mitchell

Doesn't apply if you're a Rangers supporter or failing that, just say it's to support Gaza.

David Dingo O'Connor

Does it really matter? Lockdown three is just around the corner. Just let people live their life and if there are other people who would rather isolate and wear masks etc, leave them be.

Helen Bald

So you can go to theatres and concert halls with a maximum of 100 people, but you can only have 40 people inside a crematorium and 10 people standing outside possibly in pouring rain! it doesn’t seem fair or right to me.

Jenni Ann Nimmo

Read that soft plays aren’t opening – I feel sorry for the kids, tbh.

Allison Whyte

No mention still of care homes getting more visits? Wish they would update.

Line of Duty

Martin Compston says he will be ‘heartbroken’ if BBC police drama doesn’t return

Andrew J Swanson

I do think they need a mini-series to wrap things up. Not sure another six or seven episodes would be a good idea based on season six, it did at times limp over the line, so my preference would would a three-episode mini-series to round things out.

Jamie Tyler

If only to see how much worse Jed Mercurio can make it, sure why not? I’m still shocked that he’s been writing it since episode one. I mean, how can any programme -written by the one man - go from being so well-written, credible and genuinely thrilling to nothing but a brainless, goofy, self-obsessed pantomime of a mess?

Janice Burns

Yes, so we can find out what the last episode was about!

Christopher Solley

Wel,l if it doesn’t then we won’t have clue what the last episode was all about – as clear as mud.

Gavin Vannet

I think there has to be, I think Marcus Thurwell is alive and it wasn't his body in Spain. You can't cast a well known and class actor like James Nesbitt just to play a "picture".

Tina Hewat

Definitely, then we might get to find out who the real H is.

Rikki Edibles

It's hardly a secret season seven is in production

June Stewart

They absolutely have to do some more to finish off properly and give us the satisfaction we deserve! Soon as possible too!

Joanne Morrison

As long as the ending isn’t as disappointing as the last series!

Tricia Robertson

Yes, it's the best programme on TV.

Lillian Wells

No! It has run out of steam!

Craig Lennox

Can't answer until I see my lawyer!