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The law is clear, the SNP-Green referendum plan is a charade, says John McLellan

By The Newsroom
Monday, 18th July 2022, 7:00 am

Jean Slessor

Says John McLellan, the former Conservative media chief. Next.

David McCoy

The UK’s top judges are null and void on this matter. Democracy is what counts and democracy will win no matter how long it takes.

Ewen Morrison

Many of us now believe that Scottish politicians should not be attempting to persuade other politicians in England's Westminster parliament. This is realpolitik, and has nothing to do with gaming!

Tricia Forbes

What is it that Scotland ha, that stops Wasteminster from giving us a referendum? Could it be our overall wealth, by any chance? People who believe the papers and the BBC will say we have no wealth, but the majority of Scots know better. We are a very wealthy country and, Wasteminster know that!

Lynda Gage

And if the result of said referendum is same as the last one or even more in favour of 'stay', will there be more 'indyrefs' in future until the Scottish government gets the result that's wanted?

Bill Close

Sturgeon would be better coming out with a plan on how she means to tackle putting Scotland back together, rather than sitting on her Bute House sofa with a glass of wine and writing pad, dreaming up Fantasyland ways of getting independence,. Must think she is JK Rowling.

Chris Mark Paterson

The British loyalists are scared by an indy ref that they insist no one wants. How their little minds look at the state we are in now and still see Westminster as a force for good in Scotland. Unfortunately these intellects are unable to grasp a better future so must be left in the past.

Alison Gardiner-Kidd

We basically will get the referendum (we don’t need permission) or the next election will be treated as a referendum since the UK are blocking the democratic will of the people being exercised. They will probably buckle as they’ll hope ‘No’ can win Indy-ref2, whereas they know SNP will definitely win the election. It’s really that simple.

Steve Johnston

Waste of money that could help people struggling.

Robert Cairncross

It's a democracy. If we want a vote we can have a vote if enough people vote. Either way it should be upheld to sustain democracy.

Jimmy Montgomery

The whole tactical situation is to always be better when Scotland is independent and that always means absolutely no responsibility in the meantime for not seeing a doctor or anything else and it’s always better tomorrow and tomorrow never comes.

Joseph Platt

We will have our referendum. England is running scared.

Ian Munro

Sturgeon knows there is no chance of the Supreme Court allowing a referendum but has to be showing her supporters that she is serious about achieving this.This is merely the first step in her plans to resign as leader and move on to pastures new saying that she has taken the party as far as she can.

Karl Olifant

Considering that Westminster refuse to hand sovereignty over the Chagos Archipelago back to Mauritius, since they have been ruled as sovereign there by the United Nation's International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, it's not surprising they don't respect our sovereignty and won't allow us in Scotland the right to a referendum with a Section 30. But then the same can be said for their attitude towards Northern Ireland and The Good Friday Agreement and as well as their own Brexit deal!

Steven Pegler-Gault

Not up to Westminster, not up to little England, not up to any courts in any land, it's up to the people of Scotland or this is not a sovereign country in a union, it's a prisoner in a dictatorship.

Johnboy Sutton

If for some strange reason there was a win for Yes voters, could the No voters kick, scream and cry enough and call on democracy for another vote, maybe toss a coin or have a third vote, maybe best out of three?

Don Jardine

It’s not a dead end at all. With Scotland having a party we did not vote for removing us from the EU and now to have a PM no one at all voted for telling us we can’t have a referendum. The only option is quite clear. Scotland withdraws from the Union.

Duncan Leslie

Out today – 1 in 5 children in Scotland live In poverty. Get that right before the “we have a dream” speech!