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Edinburgh is to become Scotland’s first short-term lets control zone after the Scottish Government approved a bid by city leaders.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 2nd August 2022, 7:00 am
Keylocks are a familiar site across Edinburgh, which critics say has been blighted by Airbnb short-term lets
Keylocks are a familiar site across Edinburgh, which critics say has been blighted by Airbnb short-term lets

Mike Grant

About time, too late for most of the city centre.

Elayne Young

Good! Be like Wales – 300 per cent increase in council tax for second homes. Nobody objects to a few Airbnbs but the number in Edinburgh is ridiculous.

Ian White

STL/STRs can be schemes to launder offshore cash obtained by criminal means. Add to that the reduced levels of housing available for those working within the city. Solution: Reject ALL applications and ban all such activity. Let's have homes for people, not sites for money laundering.

Nicholas Burns Cumming

And it's time the owners of STLs paid higher rates of factoring fees to reflect the wear and tear on buildings!

Iain Brough

Totally understandable when you see the number of key boxes in some locations. Add in a tourist tax as well.

Wilson Irene

I keep getting tourists asking for where all the properties are in Canongate when walking around. If they go to hotels etc it will be easier than going round the whole of Edinburgh trying to find properties because they can't read Google maps.

Calum MacLeod

Long overdue. Airbnbs take property away from the private rental market and contribute to rent inflation and homelessness.

Jbrown JB

Stringent vetting and monitoring please! When you have one family registering a minimum of four properties under the names of family members, you're back to square one!

Caroline Crosbie

Supply and demand. Watch the tourists numbers fall. Knock-on effect will be more restaurant and pub closures.

Negri Punton

just a way for those in power to keep us hating each other. Maybe if they had enough affordable social housing we wouldnt be where we are. Tthe Airbnb control zone won’t make much of a difference, except the council will rake in some cash.

Motorbike danger

Police seize electric motorcycle and seek its owner after dangerous driving in Niddrie

Abigail Tittley

There's a whole crowd of them. They drive like idiots in Niddrie, Craigmillar, etc.

Liz Lamb

I’ve seen them doing wheelies at Newington and South Clerk Street, centre of the road, regularly. Hopefully, if there are any serious crashes etc it isn’t innocent bystanders that get hurt. Having said that, now it’s tourist season, more polis about, so maybe they’ll get caught now.

Alexander Glasgow

I have very fond memories of the aftermath of an attack of a bus at the top of Leith Walk some 20 years ago. A couple of teenagers hurled something then started laughing. Within a minute police cars appeared and dragged the miscreants away!

Jen McKenzie

Thera are a few in Corstorphine, driving on pavements, on the wrong side of the road, scaring people as they came with balaclavas on.

Ron Mayer

Easy fix. Stop useless speed camera vans and go after the feral element of society. But you would have to be fit instead of sitting in a van all day... Hey ho.

Steve Lee

Five of these wee neds were tearing through the Meadows this afternoon.

Christopher Law

They're always doing wheelies, like we are supposed to be impressed. Put a ramp up on the side of an abandoned quarry and jump across to the other side. If you do that and put it on Youtube I'll applaud you. PM me and I'll look one up. If you are having trouble finding one, I can suggest something.

Kevan Gordon

Saw them in Niddrie on Friday. Probably on dash cam. Balaclavas and no helmets. Not a soul batted an eyelid.

TC Gladioli

Give them a suitable racing track then!

Elaine Easton

Saw one this morning coming out of The Murrays with a toddler on the front - no helmet.

Rrod Niam

Oh, I bet the owner of the electric bike is fuming after losing this, as this is a £4000 electric bike capable of 50+MPH.

Gary Morwood

I’m still trying to work out how they recognise each other if they’re all wearing balaclavas

Sandra Ronald

Oh, that looks exactly like the one that went past us up Arthur’s Seat this morning. Going the wrong way on the top road.