Should we have vaccine passports? - your views online

"Who is going to give you proof? Doctors - they would probably charge for it, can't see it happening”

Vaccine passport

Drinkers may need proof of a Covid jab or test to go to the pub under new proposals

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Susan Randall

No it shouldn't be required if establishments are safe for people to come in and have confidence that the place is clean. The majority of hospitality staff are not in the priority groups so they can't be checking others for a vaccination if they've not had it themselves. Either places should be open for everyone or nobody you can't exclude folk on the basis of a jag, total nonsense.

Graeme Robertson

Nonsense - and age discriminatory. The top nine groups will have had their first dose soon with the considerable protection against severe illness, hospitalisation and death that gives. The younger groups are generally not at as much risk of severe illness or death. They deserve the same freedoms as their elders - and by the way I am about to hit 67.

Jon Clark

I’d guess the pubs and clubs would want this because the last thing they need is another outbreak, followed by another lockdown for weeks or months. So in order to be seen to be highly responsible, I think the pubs will want it and use it to show how they are taking it seriously.

Irene Winton

Who is going to give you proof? Doctors - they would probably charge for it, can't see it happening. Not fair on the younger generation who haven't had it yet.

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Callum Watson

Sounds like another way of keeping the pubs closed for longer as it’ll be a while before all over 18s are vaccinated.

Scott Baillie

So again hospitality and pubs will suffereven more because people that haven't had or don't want the vaccination just won't go out. People shouldn't be singled out just because they don't want it.

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Aliceanne Smith

They don’t know how long the vaccine lasts yet and haven’t finished vaccinating the over 50s – what a load of rubbish.

Jim Merrilees

I watched TV news when this was discussed and the reasons why it is a bad idea are many. It failed to get support across the political spectrum. It is putting the onus and extra expense on cash-strapped landlords yet again to have bouncers checking ID and vaccine passports and facing the inevitable crap from disgruntled punters. It discriminates against people who for legit reasons cannot have vaccines or are waiting to get one.

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James Spears

Everyone needs to show they have had the vaccine. If they haven’t, for whatever reason, then they should show a badge or marker, so that all people can give them a wide berth to stay safe!

Vix Brydon

Absolutely fine, but my generation will be the last to get it, so how would that work when we haven't even been offered it yet? We will get refused?

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Sam Ewart

Any venue where people congregate with a mix of alcohol always risks spreading the virus. Third surges are taking place across Europe. Pubs are such a venue.

Ellen Earl

I want a vaccine passport do I can go abroad.

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Laura Mary Young

Shouldn’t be allowed to happen. If people refuse to get the jag, that’s a personal choice. Taking temperatures on arrival should be mandatory but definitely not bullying people further to get the jag – terrible idea!

Stuart Comrie

If it hurries the end of lockdown and the return of some sort of normalcy, yes absolutely. I would happily provide proof I’ve been vaccinated.

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Tracy Grieve

You can still catch it or pass it on, it just means the person who has had the jag doesn't get it as bad. It's not a cure, so vaccine passports are not going to do anything.

Susan Maclean

I am not against having to show proof for people’s safety, but unless it’s put in to law people will just avoid the bars asking for it. General public and their common sense are on different continents.

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Mikey Addy

Wonder if the bouncers will have passports. There are going to be some scenes being KB’d from a pub for no vaccine, let alone fake ID or too drunk.

Alan Notman

All staff will need vaccine as well before they can refuse us, surely.

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Sheila Down

Not everyone carries a smart phone on a night out, maybe the younger generation. It's like turning up without your mask on, going to food shopping.

William Manson

Sorry, for health reasons I cant take the jab. I don’t have a smart phone. Are you going to discriminate against me?