SNP-Green council coalition talks - your views online

Edinburgh appears to be edging towards a minority SNP-Green coalition running the city after Scottish Labour bosses made clear they would block a continuation of the SNP-Labour partnership which has been in power for the past five years.

Hamilton Fyfe Collin

Absolutely fantastic. SNP/Greens all the way – end the union.

Pamela Mitchell

The push for yet more cycle lanes and so called 'spaces for people' with all the planned permanent closures like George IV Bridge will see more and more exclusion for those who are disabled and need their cars as they can't use public transport. I'm tired of the residents being ignored even when the recent surveys on all these plans were rejected by over 76 per cent of the residents and almost all businesses. Edinburgh is fast becoming a no go area for disabled people and don't get me stated on the congestion charges which will see families unable to visit elderly relatives etc, it's a disgrace.

Renée La Racineuse

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And this is where political tribalism has brought us. It’s time to abolish parties at local level and just elect councillors using a one per ward system who are directly answerable to their electorate for the delivery of essential local services, not party or unelected pressure groups. Plus we need a law that nothing can be spent on vanity projects until basic services are up to scratch.

Keith Froude

Amazing. The SNP and Greens are a wonderful bunch of hard-working people. I’ve no doubt in my mind that they’ll get this city back on track.

Mac Mackenzie

That’ll be a mess. Oh hang on, already is. It’ll be a bigger mess then!

Anne Harris

I think that's a misprint and should read "ruining the city".

Navid Saberi

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Doesn’t make any difference as the SNP eejits at CEC never listen to anyone anyway.

Martin Clubber Laing

Edinburgh has been a mess since the SNP took over and looks like it's going to get a whole lot worse.

Jon Brown

Minority! Excellent. At least that means true consensus will be required to manage the city. That’s great news.

Shonagh Potter

Good! That's exactly what I voted for!

Alan Reynolds

The only adults in the room. Meanwhile the London-controlled parties throw their toys out the pram then moan from the sidelines.

Tam Carr

Edinburgh’s voters only have themselves to blame.

Steven Pegler-Gault

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Hope so; best thing for Edinburgh is to keep it out of red and blue Tory hands.

Malky Thin

Pray for Edinburgh!

Jacqueline McCraw

I do not want to see Adam McVey or his horrendous colleagues in charge of Edinburgh again. They have ruined most of the city and want to destroy what's left.

Nancy Morrison

Oh my, another few years of absolute madness.

Claire Thomson

This isn't really about the SNP. The Labour councillors wanted to work in coalition with the SNP as they have done the previous five years, but the Scottish Labour leader said nah. I feel bad for the people who voted for Labour.

David Funnell

As long as the Tories and Labour aren’t in charge I’m happy.

Dale Cameron

The dream team!

Mark Fairbairn

Fantastic, who needs roads anyway?

Graeme Allan

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More spaces for people, more cycle lanes that people don't want or use.

John Terrell

A disaster for anyone that likes driving their car.


Use of private e-scooters on public roads is set to be legalised under plans confirmed in the Queen’s Speech

Anna Mosspaul

A great form of cheap, and green transport, but their use will need to be regulated and ways found to ensure the users and owners obey the rules and laws as other road users must. Will that be done by licensing, testing, MOTs, insurance? Who knows, but if the governments, local or national foresee a lucrative revenue stream from doing so, it will happen. Also by extension it will include bicycles of all types.

Neil Foulkes

These things flying about on the highway is just an accident waiting to happen. How is a lorry driver going to see this kind of thing up the side of him?