SNP's Joanna Cherry under fire - your views online

The SNP's LGBT and student wings call for leadership to effectively expel high-profile MP Joanna Cherry over comments she made around conversion therapy

Viv Haig

The level of bullying and threats this MP has received is a disgrace. I’m not an SNP fan, but I’m grateful JC is my MP. She has done a fantastic job in speaking out for women’s rights and the safeguarding of children. Those in her own party who are bullying her should be ashamed of themselves. They’re not fit for purpose and they’re the ones who need to go, not JC.

Glyn Ednie

LOL. If the SNP relies on LGBT and student wings for flight, then it will never get off the ground. The wings will not be flapping in unison.

David Paul

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Ermm, surely this is about having free speech. She is allowed to have an opinion. Unfortunately though, some minority groups shout loud and think everyone needs to change their views. Don't think so, get a grip on reality.

Paula Docherty

I'm not a SNP supporter but Joanna does great work for women and gay rights. It's because she won't bow down to Sturgeon. Joanna outshines everyone in that party. #IStandWithJoannaCherry

Elizabeth McArthur

Good to know there is at least one person with some gumption sitting down in Holyrood as Sturgeon once again shows her vote-catching tactics!

Callum Alexander Wright

I think it’s time for new leadership in Scotland in general. I was a member of the SNP for many years but the time for change is now.

Ian Fair

If this happens they have lost my support.

Nancy Skelton

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They really have it in for Joanna. Is it because she was/is a Salmond supporter?

Andrea Sneddon

Thank you Joanna Cherry for standing up for Scotland’s young people.

Jock Burns

The woman is being bullied.

Phil McKracken

She needs to be dropped. We shouldn’t tolerate dissent in this country anymore!

James W Quinn

I'd tell them to bolt and it's healthy to have differing views. Too many people just cannot handle others’ views if they do not agree with theirs.

Gordon Jackson

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What she says most definitely comes under free speech. The right to free speech is the most important that we have and must always be defended. This no whip/no platform/cancel culture is something the Nazis would be proud of.

Mitra Rostamipour

So much for freedom of speech. But of course, this is how it is now and we’re supposed to get on with it.

Simon Baines

Extremists are dictating Scottish government policies. How did this happen? The majority of Scots never voted for this.

Andrew Hunter

Joanna Cherry IS the SNP!

Ian MacLachlan

In both the Tory party and their Labour allies there has been no infighting and everyone has complete faith in their “Dear Leader”. That is why they have not had a leadership change for years. Yes?

Ross Viviani

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The danger of taking on highly topical issues is that many may not share your view.

Brian Russell

Devolution has been a disaster for Scotland. It has been high-jacked by fanatical separatist extremist crackpots trying to control all our lives. Remember, much of nationalism is about controlling the people.

Atholl Cunningham

I hate the SNP with a passion. However, if they have any chance of indy then Cherry is the one. She has a brain.

Roy Tapping

She has no place in a social democratic party.

Ian Gordon Davitt

Why should we be dictated to be minorities?

David McCoy

What's the conversion rate with regards to gay to straight? It's not going to happen, so shut it all down. It's 2021 after all.

John Wilson

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What do guys want? To be controlled by the Tories, who patronisingly use Scotland as a scapegoat for the last stand of fading English colonialism? Do you understand how little respect Boris and his cronies have for Scotland? Vote SNP and jump off the sinking ship while you can.

Chris Hindle

I didn't know that the SNP had a ‘Let's Go Brandon’ team!

Scott George

They are wrong.

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