Soccer hooligans will be traced and punished - Capital Cops

As we start to see the lifting of the majority of the Covid-19 restrictions we are able to enjoy the return of some of the events and we have missed, such as nightclubs and sporting events.
Chief Inspector Scott Richardson is area commander for South West EdinburghChief Inspector Scott Richardson is area commander for South West Edinburgh
Chief Inspector Scott Richardson is area commander for South West Edinburgh

This means a return to some of our policing functions ensuring, that people can enjoy these safely. Unfortunately we have already experienced a small minority that have taken this opportunity to use these for antisocial behaviour and criminality.

The scenes witnessed recently outside Tynecastle when Hearts played Celtic were disgraceful and unacceptable and will not be tolerated at any time. I have set up a dedicated inquiry team that are currently reviewing evidence from officers at the scene and footage provided to us. We are in the process of identifying those involved in the disorder and will in due course be arresting them and requesting football banning orders through the courts.

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For those individuals this will be a short-lived return to football as a consequence of their own actions. Although some may not have been arrested on the day, rest assured follow up arrests will follow.

Whether it is a return to watching sporting events or enjoying nights out, it is incumbent on everyone to behave responsibly and think about your actions and the consequences. There is only one person responsible for the way you act or behave and the outcome, which is yourself.

Other locally policing activity over the summer has seen officers deployed to focus on the Pentland Hills Regional Park, in light of experiences from last year with so called ‘wild camping’. Thankfully we did not see the same level of issues around Anti-social behaviour that were experienced last year.

Tragically we did have a drowning in one of the reservoirs. This terrible accident was unfortunately replicated on several occasions across the country. Witnessing first-hand the anguish and loss of the family is something my officers will not forget and highlights how quickly things can go tragically wrong when in water. I would urge everyone to consider water safety and the following web page has some invaluable information and advice

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As well as keeping yourself safe it is just as important to keep your belongings and finances safe. During lockdown we have seen an increase in reported frauds, with banking frauds becoming more prevalent. We have seen people falling victims to scams and losing thousands of pounds. One of the most common frauds is scammers purporting to be from a bank warning of irregular activity on your account and convincing victims to transfer money to a safe account. Remember your bank will never ask you to make such a transfer.

Looking ahead we are fast approaching the Climate Summit being held in Glasgow in November. Although this is out-with Edinburgh there will undoubtedly be associated impact on the city and therefore policing resources. We are working hard to ensure that we maintain a business as usual capacity while supporting the Conference and our colleagues across the country.

CI Scott Richardson, Local Area Commander for South West Edinburgh