Some homeowners say they are being pressured into selling their home back to the council after getting repair estimates up to £40,000 - your views online

"One of the major obstacles in buying ex-council flats.”

Saturday, 5th June 2021, 7:00 am
Some homeowners told the Evening News they were being pressured into selling their home back to the council after getting repair estimates up to £40,000.

Repair bills

Some homeowners say they are being pressured into selling their home back to the council after getting repair estimates up to £40,000.

Nancy Morrison

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When the houses were bought originally from the council there should have been a codicil in the agreement that the council get first refusal to buy the property at today’s prices.

Kelly McGill

The SNP must be skint. Remember, they don’t like the idea of ownership despite their hypocrisy.

Ken Johnston

One of the major obstacles in buying ex-council flats.

Stuart Young

The council will be getting the money to cover it from government grants. The homeowners should come together and apply to the government for grants to cover their share, albeit that is something the council should arrange. Hopefully the work is done by small local companies.

Student flats

Eleven student residential developments are to spring up in Edinburgh over the coming years

Liz Lamb

Accommodation for so many students, who unfortunately don’t pay council tax! Residents and communities are disappearing, also too many short-term holiday lets taking over the Southside and many other areas in Edinburgh.

Alec Renwick

There is so much student accommodation in Edinburgh. you should think about the people of Edinburgh for social housing.

Steven Tait

The council's continuing "plan" to de-populate Edinburgh of residents. Glad I don't live in the city any more.

Gordon Jackson

All this student housing is nothing of the sort. Builders can't get planning permission for private housing but they can for student accommodation. A few years down the line the builders go back to the council, say the demand for student accommodation never grew to what was forecast so they are making a loss, then they apply for a change of use to private housing. A quick change of use and some small adaptations to the buildings and you have high-cost housing in desirable locations.

Lee Wood

It's a joke when people, particularly younger people, can't afford anywhere of their own. Plenty of homeless people also.

Alice Gilchrist

Why would Edinburgh need anymore student accommodation, we have plenty already? This is farcical.

Carolyn Brown

Affluent students? If these places were made more affordable, students would stay in them. After their first year most students move out to private rentals with friends as it is generally quite a lot cheaper! Total greed on behalf of builders/landlords/unis.

Stuart Young

A few months ago we were being told Edinburgh University was on the brink of collapse due to Covid 19 after five centuries of existence. Seeing a wee bit of a pattern here.

Dougie Turner

Seems like we're housing students for the whole of Scotland.

Grant Aitken

Clearly not enough student housing in Edinburgh. We need to build double that amount in half the time.

Suzanne Tarbet

I’m sick of hearing about student accommodation, where’s the social housing?

Sue Geddes

It’s social, affordable housing for residents we need in Edinburgh, not more student flats.

Kevin Klein

It's so funny how all the people complaining about nothing being done for the "locals" in this type of news don’t realise that the more students are staying in halls, the less they'll be competing on the market for other properties. It's just common logic...

Cathy Reilly

Building new student accommodations will release housing for people to be housed.

Elizabeth McArthur

In 2017 it was estimated universities alone generated an income of £95 billion throughout the UK - no city can afford in these present times to scoff at a share of this pot.

John Davies

Ridiculous! Thousands in Edinburgh need affordable homes to rent and they continue to ignore this fact in favour of student accommodation!

Angela MacLellan

What about some council houses for all the homeless people out there?

Tom MacDonald

Take a good look at our city. The residents are the minority! Airbnb, hotels, student accommodation, buy to let dominate.