Spaces for People planters have brought about a mixed reaction from Edinburgh residents - your views online

"Surely a better idea would be to have lockable bollards and then have them put down again after school drop off and pick up”

Friday, 7th May 2021, 7:00 am
The planter on the junction of Baberton Mains Drive

Planter problems

Spaces for People planters have brought about a mixed reaction from Edinburgh residents

Abigail Tittley

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There are parents who regularly park on the double yellow lines at the junction outside Liberton Primary, making it very hazardous for my son to cycle around the corner as he can't see around the area. At least with a planner he'd be able to clearly see over it.

John Brown

A very dangerous idea, especially given the size of them, and right at a junction. If one parked a car on that spot you would get booked. I wonder who hatched up this bird-brained idea.

Vivienne Brown

The council have not thought of the implications of these huge planters. Kids will hide behind them causing danger to themselves and others. Vandals will put graffiti on them; big problems for emergency vehicles, bottle necking other roads etc, etc, etc.There should have been more thought put into this and a different plan in place!

Louise Currie

If you put a skip in the road, by law it needs to have night time safety lights and reflective markings. But it's OK for the council to drop a wooden obstacle in the road!

Crawford Hendy

Great fun for the emergency services trying to negotiate these. Bad enough getting rocks thrown at them!


If like me you are fed up with our council’s anti-vehicle agenda, lack of maintenence to our roads, parking restrictions and general penalising of vehicle owners, then please join our group ‘Spaces4vehicles In Edinburgh’. We’re trying to connect so we can hopefully work together to make a difference for the better for all vehicle drivers in Edinburgh.

Keith Robertson

Surely this fly-tipping by the clowncil is illegal. This on top of their 'graffiti artists' vandalising many of the roads in the city. When will they stop wasting our money on their idiotic daydreams?

Johnny Mac

Terrible communication, unannounced and alien to anything you would expect on a driving theory test. There is a large unlit box in the road and in the dark it’s a hazard. That’s going to lead to a lot of accident lawsuits.

Claire A A Eadie

If they are being used to completely block off a road, then I think they are a better alternative to a barrier. However, using them as obstructions on roads is ridiculous and an accident waiting to happen. Bigger vehicles cannot turn into the roads from junctions, how are deliveries to be made? We still have to live here, CEC.

Anne Cunningham

We have them in Musselburgh, about dozen or s. Stops people parking, don’t see the purpose.

Ian Vandepeear

So someone turning left into the street is pointed into oncoming traffic!

Gail Robb

They will need to put reflectors on them. I's a death trap in the dark and it’s beside primary schools. I had difficulty even seeing the children coming from the back of them while driving, as they are so large, and the kids, being kids, were running around them for fun!

John Hewit

Anyone wanting to drive down that road will just drive round it. It’s forcing vehicles onto the wrong side of the road, which is never a good idea.

Linda Anderson

The boxes they have put at the top of London Road are situated so that they block your line of sight of cars coming down from roundabout. Can they not use some common sense when putting them down?

Jean Irvine

Child safety is the first issue. This planter screens off oncoming traffic and if children don't stop and look, then this is an accident waiting to happen. Second it will be interesting to see how the council clean the gutters. Third, no signs and we have already seen cars coming down the road on the wrong side and making their way round to the school.

Philip Taylor

I think that the council need to employ a better communications person - that way they'd avoid stories that include "begun to appear", as people would know about things before they "begin to appear".

Danielle Barker

Surely a better idea would be to have lockable bollards and then have them put down again after school drop off and pick up. The council seem to have plenty of money going spare, I’m sure a few more bollards round the city won't break the bank.School janitors could take responsibility for raising and lowering them at the right time. We don't need roads permanently blocked, just temporarily while the kids go to and from school.