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Council 'ignores' majority view in survey over future of one of most controversial schemes

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 10th November 2021, 7:00 am

Warren Noble

Looks like they will be doing exactly the same with Brunstane Road in Portobello. Huge majority want the road to remain open, minority including councillor who lives beside the road want it closed and that’s what is going to happen!

Guy Kerr

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Is this really any surprise? So, in EH10 from over 700 responses, 660 people wanted the road to open up fully in both directions again and just 40 people in this survey did not want this. So, the council, of course, just went with the 40 minority who suit their agenda! That's council consultation in action right there! In my nearly 65 years in this city I've seen some crazy stuff but this council are absolutely not fit for purpose and care not one jot for the citizens of this city!

Claire A A Eadie

The number of repairs to existing roads and pavements to make them safe as they are should be a priority, not titivating then not having the budget in future years to maintain what they have done!

Amanda Gillie

Unless it's in their favour! The people of this city have no voice when it comes to ANY consultation!

Pam Brown

Longstone Road is an accident waiting to happen, people getting out of cars in the middle of the road, only inches away from passing buses – and that’s with their car doors closed.

Paul Cuthbert

Over the years it has become quite apparent that Macinnes and McVey’s ears are clearly painted on.

Wendy Bell

Despite survey results they keep Lanark Road like Wacky Races. Iit's basically a tick box exercise for the council transport department.

David Peden

Bicycle McInnes only goes through the sham of consultation as window dressing. The decision to close a road or traffic lane under the guise of Spaces for People has already been made. I hope the people of Edinburgh have enough sense to get rid of this lot next May.

Kevin Duff

Democracy? Yer havin’ a laugh.

David Barr

Don’t argue with the two-wheeled Taliban, OK!

Bus strike

Bus drivers in Edinburgh are to vote on possible industrial action in a move which could pave the way for strikes in the run-up to Christmas.

Lizanne Smith

Why wait till Xmas? Get it over with now.

Lorraine Blyth

Of course bus drivers should return to their normal shift pattern. Bus timetables have returned to full service. And when you think about some of the abuse and downright criminal behaviour drivers have to endure they should get a rise into the bargain!

Janet Murray

I agree with the bus drivers. Helping out management and now being forced to continue with long hours is not right and management should return to their normal hrs as buses are running as normal. Anyway, we don’t want tired drivers working long hours which can lead to mistakes and accidents, so safer to go back to normal hours.

Paul Burgess

I agree with the strike, but if hours are cut, it stands to reason that frequency of bus services will be reduced if there is a driver shortage. Brexit and Covid have ruined this country.

Michael O'Kane

Twelve-hour shifts should be banned. Too many jobs now have 12-hour shift patterns with no work/life balance and they wonder what’s affecting people's mental health. Some of the jobs should never have 12-hour shifts, like nurses, for example.

Frank Mckay

I could never be a bus driver in Edinburgh. The council have made it difficult enough for cars to drive about the city with the Spaces for People projects. Chuck in the tram and it must be a nightmare job at the moment.

Ilona Kos

That will be a good time to go on strike. There are rarely buses running during the festive time anyway!

Graham Gray

Drivers across most of Scotland don't work Christmas Day and only a limited service on Boxing Day, the same at New Year, so don't bother working for Edinburgh clowncil, have your time off. The drivers should be jumping ship, they can earn four times there wage driving a HGV, their licence already covers them.

Dave Chalmers

Always will support this city's drivers.

John Smith

Empty threat. They never strike.