Spain is ready to welcome UK travellers with Covid certificates from June - your views online

"And sit on a burning hot beach wearing a sweaty, germ-ridden mask at all times, required by law? Na, mate.”

Thursday, 29th April 2021, 7:00 am

Sunny Spain

Spain is ready to welcome UK travellers with Covid certificates from June

Janine Newlands

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No way! I even had both Covid jags. I don’t know what new variant l might get and bring back to the UK. Just not worth it this year. Stay at home, keep your family safe.

Lynne Little

Had both vaccines, but still feel a bit cautious about travelling overseas. Maybe in about six months.

Paula McGuire

And sit on a burning hot beach wearing a sweaty, germ-ridden mask at all times, required by law? Na, mate.

Allen Murray

Tenerife booked for November.

James Hossack

Yes, though we are restricted while many so-called sports, elite and political people can travel unrestricted.

Lorraine Blyth

No, not this year and maybe not even next year.

Andrew Fraser

Of course. Viva Espana!

Ian Henderson

You could jet off to Spain right now if you wanted too. You'd have to quarantine there and when you came back.

Planting problems

Cabbies have blasted Edinburgh City Council after large plant beds installed outside a restaurant blocked a busy taxi rank

Ronnie Allan

Bet they wouldn't put them in a cycle lane though.

Lisa Cairns

It’s a vicious circle really. If hospitality can’t open up properly then there will be no customers for taxis either. Surely if taxi ranks are being used by restaurants there must be replacement ranks? If we want Edinburgh’s economy to open up, the council has to be able to encourage all businesses to flourish.

James Allan

They look great, well done. I’m sure there are alternative locations for taxis.

Jake H Fraser

What about not triple parking at Waverley Steps? Then maybe I would listen or care. But you guys slow down an already congested and narrow road.

Adam Scott

Good to see. It’s not as if taxi drivers pay to sit on ranks or anything.

Tom Kerr

The streets belong to the drinkers, now.

Stuart Mcgarvie

Suppose they can always use the illegal rank at the Balmoral, top of Waverley Steps again. Oh, wait, they are already!

Jim Taylor

Yet another example of Edinburgh’s failing council. Where does a hard-up council get money for this tosh?

Brian Anderson

Clowncil will remove the planters and replace with a secure bike shed.

Jailed mum

Appeal judges upheld a jail sentence for an East Lothian woman who swindled £55,000 in child tax credit payments

Paula McGuire

Can we see people who hurt and abuse children locked up also? That would be great.

Paul Winnik

Does that same rule apply to politicians who are committing fraud right in front of our eyes - Tories more than anyone? I think not! I’m not condoning benefit fraud but it’s minuscule compared to fraud by the upper classes and politicians.

Lorraine Blyth

She deliberately falsified claim forms over several years, fraudulently claiming tax payers money. In no way do I feel in the slightest bit sorry for her. I do, however, feel for her children and hope that they all remain together and are being cared for by people with better morals!

Alastair McCarry

The debate is not does she deserve to be punished, but is jailing the lady the correct punishment? I am struggling to see the benefit.

Ian Black

I feel sorry for the kids, but if you just get a slap on the wrist, then how is that a deterrent? That £50k could have gone to someone who really needed it, £50k of tax payers money that good honest people paid for.

George Davis

No different than Boris and the rest of the Tories, but they do it by the billions and get away with it. We don’t hear many saying anything about that.

Tracy Hendrie

Try jailing swindling politicians before you go after a mother of six who I imagine was still living hand to mouth even with her wee bit extra benefits.

Lee-Anne Munro

The outrage over a petty benefit fraud compared to the lack of outrage at the £200+billion of corporation fraud is astounding.