Speculation about Nicola Sturgeon leading SNP into 2026 election - your views online

Is Nicola Sturgeon planning to quit? Opposition politicians have been indulging in much speculation about the First Minister’s future.

Wednesday, 13th October 2021, 7:00 am

Barbaranne Knox

Bit early to be speculating about Nicola. What about Boris getting jailed by the end of the year?

Trevor John Taylor

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The SNP and Sturgeon in particular have been a disaster for Scotland. Record drug deaths, widening attainment gap, record hospital waiting times even before Covid, children dying in contaminated hospitals, education standards through the floor….. Of course she should go!

James Melvin

She will step down when they lose Indy 2 and only then.

Terry Brennan

No problem Scotland should be independent by then.

Robert Darroch Tungatt

The sooner the better. She’s has completely ruined Scotland in the time she’s been in power.

Catherine Gilchrist

She will quit if Scotland get independence.Thats all she cares about. She will leave everyone else to clean up her mess.

Gavin Spence

Praying that she quits as she has loads of support.... a formidable opponent to any challenger.

Susan Thomson

I hope not, there is not another Scottish politician up to the job.

Iain Armstrong

If Scotland had first past the post like England, the SNP would win the majority of seats. The people of Scotland know that parties based in London have no interest in Scotland.

Hospitality working

Has the pandemic put you off working in hospitality?

Pauline Downie

Pay a decent hourly rate and people will apply. Job centres have to start actively getting people back to work.

Lioslaith Rose

Employers sending home zero hours contract workers, unfurloughed, forced them into other industries. Asking them back at huge pay cuts was not going to win anyone over.

Joe Clifford

You can't replace public sector jobs with hospitality work. You can't raise a family on a bar job. Time to get out of the UK and properly fund our public services.

lorin Ungureanu

Pandemic and ridiculously low wages. They pay minimum wage and expect people to queue for job interviews?

Neil Tomlinson

Hospitality itself put me off.

George Davis

Pay a decent wage and people will want to work. Nobody wants to work to just about manage to survive and be a slave to those who don’t worry about spending as they have plenty. A wage that pays enough so you can at least save for a rainy day is not asking much, is it?

Richard Madeley

Richard Madeley will be hosting Good Morning Britain (GMB) for a whole month as the presenter looks set to sit alongside Susanna Reid permanently.

Anne Pearson

At least he has a journalistic background, unlike some of the other stand-ins they've had lately.

HL Livi

Oh Lord no! He’ll put me off my morning cuppa! If we need to watch Tory propaganda, let’s watch blatant Tory propaganda through Piers Morgan’s claptrap ramblings rather than RM’s nonsensical, crowd pleasing warblings.

Claire Malcolm

Well I won’t be watching

Adie Roebuck

That's a step down from his last job....if that's possible.

Kenneth McMaster

How the mighty have fallen. No fan of Piers Morgan but what a poor substitute….even Steve Clarke can’t make such a poor substitution.

Colin Robertson

No,no, poor decision. Too opinionated, even worse than Piers Morgan and that's saying something.

Angie Ross

Yawnnnn, think I will stay in bed!

Fionad Odonnell

Don't mind Richard, but can't watch it because I can't stand Susanna.

Robert Mcmillan

From the sublime to the ridiculous

Jacqueline McCraw

Oh no, even more of his opinions on running the country, ie just say the opposite of what amyone in power is saying. We elected politicians to do a job, not Mr Judy Finnegan.

Russell Fallis

Hobson's choice.

Nicky Millar

I don't care, just don't bring the misogynistic narcissist back.