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Strippers have hit back at claims dancing is ‘not work’ and accused councillors and 'radical feminists' of taking away their freedom to choose

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 23rd July 2022, 7:00 am
Strippers are fighting for their livelihoods
Strippers are fighting for their livelihoods

Nicolas Rossert

Making a decision for women saying their job "disempowers" them and stoping them from working without their consent. Isn't that exactly disempowering women? The club workers chose to work there. That freedom of choice is power.

Lorna Gatens

Just because it's not a conventional job, doesn't mean it's not a job. The employees should have the same protections and benefits as everyone else.

Jacklyn Calvard

This is real work, and a lot more demanding than many other jobs. It makes me so angry that women are doing this to other women.

Claire A A Eadie

Anything that pays money and is not illegal is a job, as long as you pay your tax and national insurance you have as many rights as anyone else.

Tony Ward

What Morningside Labour Cllr Mandy Watt should be focusing her efforts on is acting on behalf of her EH10 constituents who want the "temporary" SfP bollards on Comiston Road removed and our kerbside parking restored – and fully re-open Braid Road.

Ivan Popplestone

A Labour councillor living in Morningside! How can you be representing the working classes when you live in an upper middle class bubble?

Leigh Hogg

This is disgusting - who in Morningside has voted in someone so out of touch with the real world? By schooling standards I thought it was an educated part of Edinburgh.

Sonia McRorie-Smith

Morningside councillor! Says it all really. I am interested in her argument that it disempowers women. As far as I can see it's the exact opposite. What about the Dream Boys etc., is that disenpowering men? Her arguments don't stack up – work is work.

Heather Gale

Why are politicians who are bigoted allowed to be in office? They are in their position as spokespeople for us. They represent us and it is us who put them there to organise conditions for all citizens. If she cannot do her job representing ‘everyone’ then she needs to resign. It’s not demeaning if it’s a life choice. These girls are not human trafficked but choose this lifestyle/career choice, for whatever reason.

River O'Brien

It pays money, they pay tax and national insurance. It’s a real job and profession. They are athletes mixed with dancers and it takes a lot of work to even do. So yes, it’s a job.

Sonya McLeod

They are working to earn a living, not sitting on welfare or criminal activities etc. I have more respect for these women than gold diggers who home in in rich men and look down their noses at working women.

Dave Workman

If someone male or female (apologies to non binary readers) can make a living out of stripping, then good for them.

Robert Speirs

They pay tax and National Insurance. So it a job.

Warren Burrows

What comments does Cllr Joan Griffiths have, considering she was the Labour councillor who raised this motion in the first place? Does she realise the damage she has caused due to her small minded attitude?

Michelle Troup

So if stripping and dancing isn’t work, why are dancers at the Fringe required to get work visas to enter the country to perform? If it’s about moral objections, then why do they allow the Ladyboys to perform? Why are male dance groups such as the Dreamboys allowed to be in the city?

Donna Watson

Get tae France..… Of course it’s a job and a hard one at that – .give the dancers some credit.

Tully Tulley

Funny how it's classed as a job in Holland Germany and &Australia etc and regulated by the government.

Wilson Irene

If you have got it, flaunt it. If the girls are fit enough and not being coerced into doing it or anything else, then let them be. I honestly don't like it because I feel the girls are being used, but there is big demand for them and it's their choice.

Hayley Ramage

Wow. these women really believe that this work is empowering and all the "it’s my body stuff", but really they are just unconsciously feeding into the patriarchy of our society. Good job!

Diane Smith

There are lots of jobs out there that are not recognised as work. These ladies are putting food on the table and paying rents/ mortgages. Live with it.