Student cost of living in Edinburgh - your views online

Edinburgh is the most expensive city in UK for students to live finds a survey by Royal Bank of Scotland

Robert Gilchrist

Find that hard to believe, considering in England they would start with a £40,000 debt for fees as well, and accommodation in Oxford and Cambridge is pretty obscene in any case. I take it fees cost hasn't been factored in.

Bill Close

Edinburgh has become the worst city inthe UK for almost everything, thanks to years of Green/SNP administration. Take tourism, the Festival and Tattoo away, and it has nothing underneath.

Pauline Downie

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It's the most expensive for everyone, not just students. A few years ago there was talk of us receiving extra money to cope with this situation, why wasn't that followed through?

Stephen Ball

Not sure how when we offer free university fees. Perhaps it’s the rent costs.

Keith Robertson

I couldn't care how expensive it is for students, it's how expensive Edinburgh has become for its own citizens, especially those on low income or first time house buyers.

Susan Dunn Smart

The number of Scottish students are capped to ensure the university gets money from English, EU and other nationalities. These are probably the people they are referring to. I think more just need to get a job to help pay for it.

Monni S Kamenov

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If you work and study, it’s more than okay. After all, it’s free.

Graeme McLachlan

Depends on what they are spending their money on.

Jaqueline Guthrie

They could stop drinking!

Nicola Sturgeon

Liz Truss looked like she'd swallowed a wasp when Nicola Sturgeon told her she had been in Vogue twice, the First Minister said on her Festival show appearance

Margaret Sneddon

You may have been in Vogue twice but Liz truss has been successful in every job she has had, not a failure like you.

Eric Christison

She asked because Sturgeon had been on two. It was a private conversation and may well have been just a matter of making conversation. I don't think either of them should be anywhere near government btw, I'm sick and tired of the whole Punch and Judy show between two incompetent groups of politicians.

Pauline Downie

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Nicola Sturgeon has a show in Edinburgh Fringe and this is her attempt at comedy. No good at her day job, now no good at her part time job as a comedian. How embarrassing for Scotland.

Marlene Van Zyl Carr

The irony, talking about attention seeking, being interviewed on stage at the Fringe. And Snippy was bragging about having been in Vogue not once, but twice! I mean ,who's the one who brought the subject up in the first place? They really are as bad as one another though. And how tacky bringing up a private conversation like this to score a spiteful point. Not a good look. But don't expect better from Trumpelina... I mean Sturgeon.

Jim Swift

Vogue, a magazine that promotes style over substance, just like our FM, they're a perfect match.

Jerome Bell

Both should be in the Beano.

Peter Anderson

Keep winding the unionists up Nicola,they are all so frightened of change. l am sure you will wipe the floor with Trussand the far right wing Tory party. Scotland has rejected far right wing politics for years.

Mrs Wolowitz

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Edinburgh Zoo’s oldest penguin has been killed by a fox in an overnight break-in.

Sandra Riley

That is such a shame, she was fab. RIP, totally heartbreaking.

Tracey Papiez

It’s bad enough keeping animals in captivity, but then not being able to keep them safe!

John Lettis

Needs to be an investigation, someone has not done their job right. These penguins need to be safe and obviously are not.

Julz Carpenter

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How do they know it was a fox? I think after all these years this zoo has been open without any other incidents, the culprit could have been anything. Do they have video evidence? Did any other penguins die or get injured?

Tricia McLenaghan

So fed up with the foxes right now.

Tanya Barker

Noooo, thats just awful...she was a wee star.


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