Summer holidays in Scotland- your comments online

Summer staycations ‘possible if virus is under control’ -Professor Linda Bauld also voiced hope that pubs and restaurants will open up again in the next few months.
The Rookery, view of Kirkcudbright and harbour. Picture: Andreas von EinsiedelThe Rookery, view of Kirkcudbright and harbour. Picture: Andreas von Einsiedel
The Rookery, view of Kirkcudbright and harbour. Picture: Andreas von Einsiedel

Summer holidays

People should be able to take holidays in Scotland this summer if the country continues to make progress in suppressing coronavirus, a public health expert has said

Robert McNeill

I hope Jeane Freeman is considerably better than on Question Time. I cannot believe she is a senior government minister.

James Melvin

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They really haven't a clue. Just when it all seems to be going well with the uptake of the vaccine, they are now stating that they are stalling it in the next few weeks due to " various reasons". What a joke. Also makes you wonder if its deliberate to keep this crap going on as long as possible. Surely they should have anticipated the large uptake and planned for it? They pay plenty for advisors to think about these things. Pathetic.

John Monaghan

No thanks. No reason for any restrictions, now that high risk folk are jabbed. Time for international agreements to allow travel freely. It certainly won’t be in Scotland.

Paul Galloway

If you all do as you’re told, you can stay here and go on holiday but must wear mask, socially distance; no dancing, singing or having fun – have a great holiday!

Theresa Bell

She is playing around with our lives and deliberately trying to confuse us with all the changes, like maybe, and if this happens. She decides on what she wants, nothing to do with cases or virus.

Michael Gordon

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That's why we had a resurgence of the virus last year. As soon as she mentioned staycation, it got in front again, eh?

David Black

But we can't travel abroad to, say, Spain where they are getting the virus under control a damn sight faster than here due to far more enforcement. So you have two countries with the virus under control, but you can't travel between them. All part of the government plan to keep us here and spend our money here to help an economy that was poor prior to the pandemic anyway.

Julie Ritchie Davidson

It's not a matter of snobbery, Scotland is absolutely beautiful but the weather is not guaranteed. I love my native land and have visited many places but I do love exploring other parts world and sunshine! It's my choice, my money, my life - I work hard all year and If I chose to travel/holiday that is not snobbery! I am patient enough to wait until it is safe to travel and then off I will fly.

Leslie Simpson

The cost of holidays in Scotland is the problem. Accommodation costs are astronomical in the Highlands and islands. Admission costs are higher than abroad and meals out are dear. Add to that the fact that it can literally rain for two weeks solid and you can see why folk go abroad.

Lisa Ghini

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But it is a human right to see your family and some of us have elderly family who live in the Costa and Algarve. It’s not just about going on holiday, its about being able to see those you love, who just happen to live in Europe.

Virginia Mariani

What about going abroad because your family does not live in the UK?

Rosie Bennett

The term staycation really bugs me; it is a holiday, even if it is in the country you live in.

Helen Lee-Keenan

Scotland is beautiful, but the weather is not great for most of the year, so travel and sunshine is a must for some of us, thank you.

Robin Thomson

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We enjoy our holidays around Scotland and the rest of the UK - just don't want it to get too crowded!

Claire AA Eadie

If you get away from your front door and it's not work related, then it's a holiday. Doesn't matter where you go, it's spending quality time together.

Tburd Park

Maybe if accommodation owners lowered their prices; and maybe if we could guarantee the weather!

June Spoonie-Myles

We have one of the most beautiful countries in the world and most haven't seen half of it.

Kathy Aliberti

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Anyone who has attempted to take a holiday in our beautiful country in the last few years will be aware that accommodation from five-star hotels to camp grounds is often full to bursting, as are the ferries and the trains. Our season is short and even fully open there will not be enough capacity for everyone that wants a holiday. So, yes, staying home for a holiday is wonderful, but it isn't realistic for many – nor affordable.

Steven John Balfour

The prices for a holiday in Scotland are way overpriced and anything from a campsite to a top hotel. I love bonnie Scotland, but a nice beer beside a pool in 30 degree sunshine is what I'm after for half the price.