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Sunak will stand up to SNP and refuse to back indyref2 if he becomes the PM

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 28th July 2022, 7:00 am

Ggavin Mmarkham

It’s not the SNP demanding Indyref2, it’s the people. We voted for it. Another democracy denier.

Andy Shepherd

Wouldn't matter which rich kid got the job. None of them want Scotland to leave but they don't want us to have any real say at Westminster either. They pretend it's a union of equals but only if it suits them.

Tim Wight

He will end up doing the complete opposite. An out of touch toff has no idea about Scotland.

Fiona Osborne Smith

Only time we’ll be blessed with his presence is when he wants something, like our water, fish, oil, wind, land, votes . . .as per usual.

Marion Garland

It is not the SNP, it is the people. So is that the failing Empire line then? Must be coveting our water about now.

Jai Adami

Well, he can take a running jump..but not allowed in Scottish waters!

Duncan Bryceland

So a Westminster Tory says he'll prevent the democratic will of a nation - that's dictatorship. Even more reason why Scotland needs independence to be free from this lot once and for all.

Donna Laird

He can refuse to back it all he wants. It will make him more unpopular in Scotland - if that’s his aim he’s a winner.

Gary Clark

Undemocratic dictatorship. It's Scotland’s decision.

John Burnett

He knows England would be up the creek without Scotland’s money going down south.

Craig Young

If we’re such a financial burden (he would know having just been Chancellor) and we want to leave, then why does (almost) every Westminster politician want to refuse our right to choose?

Paul Inglis

When will he make that speech? Maybe the next time he is visiting that very famous Scottish Town of Darlington. Oh! Wait a mo!

Willie Milne

How dare he stop our democratic right to run our own country. What is he scared of?

Peter Garland

Eventually there will be a civil rights march for democracy that will be massive. We currently have a severely compromised BBC/media.

Aaron Afshari

Said the man that lets his wife rinse the taxpayers with a policy he created.

Bryon Adamson

So, not a voluntary union after all then?

Janis Aitken

I’d rather he drive down the fuel companies who are ripping us all off.

Kacey Milne

What makes him think he knows what is best for Scotland? We are central to the UK as they need to plunder our resources.

Kinga Ellie Goose

Keep your hands off Scotland. Indyref is for Scots to decide, not some English ministers.

Kevin Taylor

Aye right enough, when you are part of the the Tory party that have done the square root of zilch in Scotland since the Mid 50s..... aye, OK.

David Stephen

All the more reason to become independent, then.

Paul Sutherland

SNP make up the shortfall in money while one of the richest people in UK had a direct hand in taking £20 a week off the poorest.

Iain Scott

Try all you will, it’s not going away and in case you hadn’t noticed, Wales is heading that way and according to a poll 18 months ago, 50 per cent of Tory voters want independence for England.

Barry Kirk

The SNP haven't forced us to vote for them, this isn't one woman's obsession. We created the indy movement because we want independence . . . quite simple. Now get out the way.

Travel cash

Spain introduces new £85 rule for British holidaymakers entering country

Ken Randall

The rules aren't new, it is more the we are now just subject to them since we are citizens of a third country. They also aren't the only EU country to have such a rule for third country citizens.

Gordon Peddie

Rules were there before. Country voted to leave EU. Can’t whinge now. Anyway - after paying gas this coming winter, none of us going abroad as we will be skint, dead or on the way to either.

Marcus Hamilton

Brexit benefits just keep taking back control. It’s like second class citizens.