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A ban on Sunday driving in cities and a reduction in motorway speed limits are among measures being suggested to help bring the current fuel price crisis under control.
Energy forum has a 10-point plan to reduce oil demand and stabilise costsEnergy forum has a 10-point plan to reduce oil demand and stabilise costs
Energy forum has a 10-point plan to reduce oil demand and stabilise costs

Scott Brown

Sorry, do we live in North Korea, or Russia? We should not be dictated to or have our lives governed like this. Fair enough for the spread of infectious diseases but for fuel! If this is Paris saying this all I can say is Brexit – we do not have such a reliance in Russian oil or gas like Europe. MPs are in position to give all constituents the best and fairest possible life, imposing restrictions does not do that and is a cop out.

Mary Marshall

This is an energy forum in Paris making this suggestion. I know it seems like the sort of thing Edinburgh council would do but on this occasion they’re not guilty. Yet.

Alan Pirouet

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How many cars’ worth of fuel does one passenger jet or bigger ship use? Add to that the pollution they produce. Be a fair few I presume. Start looking towards the bigger fuel and polluters rather than just targeting cars.

Jennifer Dimelow

What about carers, nurses, doctors and other emergency service personnel, shop workers, hospital/care home visits? Stupid idea!

Alan Davidson

Cue Adam McVey, Lesley Macinness, Karen Doran, Cammy Day and the Greens to jump on the bandwagon with this one. They'll make these temporary measures permanent same as they did with Spaces For People. They must think all their Christmases have come at once with this idea!

Graeme Robertson

Better read Brave New World to understand where these control freaks are trying to take us.

Carol Pake

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Life doesn't stop on a Sunday. People still have places to go, work to go to etc. What about disabled people who have no other means to get around? We're not in a dictatorship! Or are we? Never heard so much ridiculous rubbish!

Rebecca McLennan

Ban Sunday driving! What about all my carers who still have to get to clients on a Sunday? It’s not like people only need help six days a week.

Aileen Candlish

In Beijing they have a yellow label car policy and road space rationing policy. That means even / odd number plates on alternate days. I presume a lot more car sharing goes on to get to work etc.

David McGrath

How is restrictions on car use going to lower the price of fuel?

Charles Pretty

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It’s always hit the drivers, hit the drivers hard. Just a few years ago they were talking about raising the speed limit on motorways to 80mph and now this. It’s a disaster waiting to happen and road rage will go through the roof.

Debbie Garriock

Lots of people work on Sundays. Also public transport is less frequent on Sundays.

Milly Cunningham

Just get the government to reduce fuel prices to an acceptable level - they are the ones making vast sums of money everytime you fill your tank!

Ashley Gillies

What clowns come up with these ideas? Clearly too much time on their hands.

Edite Gailite

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So it means in future I am just meant to work, pay taxes and on Sunday I can’t enjoy myself with my family? We need to pay any price for fuel anyway, whatever decision they make.

Chris Whigham

Edinburgh council – "No no, you're looking at this the wrong way. What you should really be doing is banning cars Mon-Sat and turning Sundays into bike-only days. And why don't you have a compulsory parking at home tax?"

Margaret Paterson

How do people get to work? Not everyone works Mon-Fri. Start with closing shops on a Sunday then and Boxing Day and January 1. Don’t think that will happen somehow.

Dale Stewart

Sunday ain’t been day rest for a long time. Far too many shops and businesses open on Sundays. How are folk to get to work?

Jacqueline Phillips

Yet again trying to take cars off the roads.

Mark Fairbairn

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Want to sort the fuel crisis? Lob a bit more than five per cent off the fuel duty and get politicians to buy their own food andbeer and cut the House of Lords’ dough by 80 per cent. This would be a great start.

Gillian Godsell

Why don't they suggest on Sundays we get strapped in to the kitchen table around 10.30am and then released around 7pm? This would work.

William Wood

How about closing airports on Sunday? No flights.

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