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Morrisons has hiked the price of its meal deal by 50p to £3.50 despite shoppers already struggling with rising food costs.

Rising prices have spread to supermarket meal deals
Rising prices have spread to supermarket meal deals

Alison Elgin

The reason why many people are struggling with food prices is because of what they choose to buy or what they claim their kids will eat...£3 or £3.50 on a so called meal deal is nearly £20 a week. You could feed a family for a week for the nearly the same amount.

Mechelle Rafferty

Much cheaper to buy your shopping and make a sandwich for each day surely? Meal deals and the likes are just gimmicks

Laird Chris Salt

Morrisons has become ridiculously expensive this last year or so. I noticed huge price hikes on every day things, not just the odd 5p here and there but 25p 75p on things you buy and need….. rarely shop there now. Also I think they’re maybe feeling the pinch themselves as the one down in Granton is barely busy and quite often looks like it’s saving money with half its lights switched off.

Cath Crosbie

Make your own lunch then if it’s too expensive, it’s very simple really.

Tina Jenkins

I make a chicken last three days - roast, curry with what’s left and carcase for soup stock … So many meals you can make cheaply, buying fresh instead of all the ready meals which are bland.

Dave Kerswell

Make your own sandwiches, it’s cheaper and tastes the same. People are getting too lazy these days by falling back to ready meals and meal deals. And don’t say some people don’t have time to make their own, that’s rubbish. You can make a sandwich in under a minute and some ready meals take longer to cook than they do if cooked from scratch.

Claudene Mcginness

Tesco has also done the same with their meal deals – £3 to £3.50, so really they should be slated too.

Tom MacDonald

Hey everyone, Morrisons is not Aldi. Meal deals come in all shapes and sizes from McDonalds, to the motorway service stops and to M&S. Singling out Morrisons is strange.

Graham Allison

Make your own pieces! Transport costs, labour costs and just about everything else costs more to produce and transport to stores. I’m a sleep-out truck driver and I can easily make my own sandwiches for the whole week for much less than £3.50.

Scott Reid

Used to get the meal deal but now buy packs of rolls, cold meat, crisps and Kit-Kats to last the week. Water comes out the tap. Daily cost now £1.02.

John Laden

Instead of addressing the real problems of wage stagnation while costs spiral up, let's just blame working people for getting a £3.50 meal deal for lunch... Tory Britain levelling up!

Brenda Barclay

Tesco and Sainsbury's are £3.50 and have been for a few weeks and Asda is even worse as they only give cheapest item free so there average meal is £5. All food prices have gone up everywhere.

Sue Campbell

Why are people saying they can’t afford meal deals? Mmost of us cannot either- £3 for a sandwich, you have to be having a laugh. You can make that at home for a quarter of the cost.

Debbie Liddle

They have put everything up – but not wages!

Kirst Blundell

I think Morrisons is the best supermarket, so not bothered.

Rachel Stewart

I was going to get a meal deal yesterday when I noticed it had gone up by 50p and decided to make my own. I wonder how many others have done the same – otherwise it’s their loss.

Dale Cameron

How dare a business raise prices to cover increased costs. Bloody scandal.

Andy Fletcher

The keyboardist and founding member of electro pioneers Depeche Mode has died aged 60.

Andrew Williamson

Heartbreaking. I was listening to the greatest hits when I heard the sad new. Helped create the sound of a generation. The song ‘Somebody’ is such a beautiful song, reading the lyrics alone would be so beautiful without the angelic keyboard. Rest in peace Andy, thank for the music.

Kirsty Mullan

Gutted. Such an important band who have been shockingly underrated by the British music press through their entire career.

Raymond Perry

The greatest band in the world.I’m very lucky to have seen them so many times.

Kate Kivlichan

So sad, he was no age at all. Absolutely loved Depeche since the 80s, great music.