Surge pricing for smart meter users means customers could see bills rise or fall depending on when they use energy - your views online

Warning to millions of households as smart meter changes could see a 'surge in pricing'

By The Newsroom
Monday, 14th February 2022, 7:00 am
Domestic Energy Smart Meter on a Kitchen Worktop Displaying Electric and Gas Carbon Emissions in Real Time.
Domestic Energy Smart Meter on a Kitchen Worktop Displaying Electric and Gas Carbon Emissions in Real Time.

Ruth MacDonald

Don’t have one but most people I know regret getting one. They’ve either not worked, cost more or they’ve become obsessive over every penny.

Elizabeth Thomson

My heating bills have tripled since I had mine installed.

Gill Curwen

Don’t want one, won’t get one.

Nichola Mcewan

Got one installed and it’s never worked as it doesn’t send the readings and suppliers can’t work out why. So good luck with that.

Neil Tough

Smart meters don’t include VAT, they don’t always show correct usage or correct spending.

William Orr

Get a smart meter they said, you’ll save money they said . . . Rubbish, they knew exactly what they were doing.

Graeme Gifford

Have said for a long time that they can get smart meters to change the way people are charged… that’s why I have not got or will ever get one.

William Manson

Let’s scare folk so they get smart meters. That way electric companies can rip them off more.

Ggavin Mmarkham

Pity our energy isn’t controlled by our people in Scotland. Subsidies to another country are pushing Scots into poverty.

John Farley

You use extra energy to keep a smart meter going. Sure it works out around £80 a year.

Raymond Bailey

Mine is unplugged and bunged in a kitchen drawer!

Helenn McWhirterr

What is this with these ‘smart meters’? My prepay meters do the job, why would I need one of those?

Steel threat

Jobs under threat as Scottish steelworks owners Liberty Steel winding-up notice filed by HMRC

Gordon Devlin

What a great week for the SNP Business Department. CalMac, more millions down the pan; Prestwick unrecoverable loans; Scottish Canals, having to restate their asset values, and the one we all knew was going ka-boom, Gupta. Let’s hear the SNP defend this appalling record, without trying to blame Tories or Westminster. Won’t hold my breath.

Anna Mosspaul

Not good news for the workers,and their families, time for the Scottish Government to step up to the plate and make a full, frank and honest statement on the matter and how it may affect not only the employees, but also the rest of Scotland and the Scottish people.

Covid restrictions

Should Scotland follow England and drop all remaining Covid restrictions.

Patricia Anderson

Certainly not.

Katie McPherson

Definitely not.

Fraser Thorburn

Yes (and I'm not sticking up for Boris Johnson, before anyone asks). Unfair on fully vaccinated and totally healthy people to be under any further restrictions, if people still need to shield and wear masks then they should do so without prejudice but if you're healthy then live life as we did before.

Sandy McLachlan

No, that clown in Westminster is doing it as a political stunt , and risking lives in the process.

Female representation

The Scottish Parliament’s Presiding Officer has launched an audit to review the representation of women at Holyrood. Alison Johnstone said the review will examine the number and position of women parliamentarians and their level of participation in the debating chamber.


So the PO is wasting time and our money on this nonsense. Alison Johnstone is clearly in post because she is a Green/SNP woman. Can anyone name one female MSP who is worth 70K a year plus expenses? As a woman I want the best person for any job, not somebody chosen because of the latest bandwagon.

Cat protection

Almost 275,000 people have signed a petition calling for West Ham footballer Kurt Zouma to be prosecuted for kicking his cat amid a growing public backlash.

Terri Innes-Lyon

Would a member of the public be prosecuted there was video evidence of delighting in animal abuse for fun? If yes, he should definitely be prosecuted. I'm sick of elite sports people doing whatever they like and getting away with it.

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