Susanna Reid and Ranvir Singh in tears on GMB over Rashford abuse - your views online

"Rashford is a top human being, doesn’t matter about his skin colour. We should all be proud of him”

Wednesday, 14th July 2021, 7:00 am
Marcus Rashford of England reacts after missing their team's third penalty in the UEFA Euro 2020 Championship Final

Marcus Rashford

Susanna Reid and Ranvir Singh in tears on GMB over Rashford abuse

Anne Bleazard

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Absolutely disgraceful behaviour, as is the hatred towards England by some Scots. Please don’t class it as “banter” as it’s anything but. Some people need to take a long hard look at themselves.

Ross Emsley Snr

Dinnae mind getting into a slagging match with their fans, but racial abuse -will leave that to the English fans about their own team. Way beyond banter that, and totally unacceptable. They should be ashamed of themselves, the government needs to act now instead of sweeping it under the carpet - absolutely shocking.

Graeme Stevens

Is racism a surprise in a country that elected a racist as Prime Minister and a hostile-to-outsiders Home Secretary in Patel and one that’s started locking up and deporting Europeans? England has huge issues with self- identity and xenophobia. The tweets and abuse are repugnant but don’t come as a surprise. And there are some Scots who believe we are better outside the EU, shackled to this mess who decide our immigration policy.

JB Scotland

England has a racist for a PM and post-Brexit, the nation is divided by xenophobia and general decency. It starts from the top down. The year is 2021 and racism and hate crimes are flourishing.

George Hunt

Definitely not a laughing matter. Shocking the way England players are getting racist abuse because they missed penalties - it’s disgusting.

Laura Francis

Held up as a hero when he's feeding their kids, but as soon as he misses one goal he's racially abused... Aye, sounds about right for that lot.

Paula Gillon

Disgusting the abuse they’ve received. It’s a game and the fans aren’t the ones playing. These bad supporters ruin it for the rest of the supporters and let their country down. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Joanne Thomson

Nice to see support, but also would be good to see that police have charged the racists who published the illegal comments.

Cliff Mcn

Shame. People don't deserve abuse because they missed a penalty.

Rafael Angelo De Santos

We are all sadly moved by this. Lots of reactionaries still in the UK.

Linda Hughes

This was Brexit campaign, Farage, Johnson and Patel – you are all totally responsible for this. Encouraging racism.

Stephen Murchie

Rashford is a top human being, doesn’t matter about his skin colour. We should all be proud of him. Those who have laughed at this, shame on you – the kind of loners and halfwits that can never achieve anything in life.

Pete Reilly McPherson

Glad they lost and can laugh at their defeat, but racially abusing three of their players is absolutely sickening. If it was not for these three players, they may not have been in the final. They always have to blame someone. I wish it had been three white players to see what they would have said then. The people that have laughed at this post are no better than the England fan yobs.

Tram extension

Leith residents suffering 14 hours a day of noisy works are now told there will be extended working on Saturdays

Lorraine Blyth

I feel for the residents but those of us living in Broomhouse, Saughton and Balgreen had to endure this when that stretch of tram works was laid and I don’t remember a single thing being done for us. Another example of the city doing exactly what the city wants with no consideration for its citizens.

Angie Fitzharris

Is here not a limit to noise pollution and building work been done in a residential area in law?

Raymond Rose

I live in flat adjacent to the main work site/office facilities. Every weekday from about 6.30am the workforce start to arrive, start up their JCBs and other vehicles, while others are sawing and hammering. That's what happens in a city when enormous infrastructure work is being done! Hopefully, increasing the work time will ensure speedier completion of the project. On a couple of occasions generators were left running all night with no sound protection measures, but once that was pointed out they were implemented.

Stuart Young

The traffic will be queuing for miles either side of that. Can only wonder who all these people are that will flock to Newhaven. Nice wee place, but it’s not really on the international lists of places to go.