Texas school shooting - your views online

19 children and two adults killed after a gunman enters Robb Elementary School in Uvalde and opens fire

Lauren Whitelaw

When are Americans going to learn? How can you care more about a gun than the lives of your children? Nobody should go to school and be brutally murdered like that. It’s horrific.

Magi Mackay

This could so easily have been prevented if they had stricter gun laws. More innocent lives taken unnecessarily.

Mandy Parry

Sadly, there are some extremely unfortunate people in the US currently living their lives who, unbeknown to them, are basically waiting in a queue and will be having their lives cut short. What sort of a country is it that places a higher value on the right to own a gun than it does on human life? Staggering!

Alison Monteith

Omg! So horrible. Those poor kids and their families. This just has to stop!

Pamela Jane

Took one tragic school shooting in the UK and the response was strict gun laws. How many innocent children have died in the States and still they prioritise the right to have a gun. The lack of brain cells and backbone in that country’s leadership is utterly astounding!

Rachel Rutherford

So, so tragic. Have to wonder what’s gone so wrong in an 18-year-olds life to make him have such hatred to do such a thing. An awful thing for all concerned to have to deal with.

Christine Gordon

Such a tragedy, this country needs to get their act together regarding the use of firearms.

Joanne Mathieson

But they still argue they should have a right to bear arms! If no one had guns, there would be less reason to require guns for safety.

Fraser Mccowan

Stopped feeling any pity for USA now. They won't give up their guns, so these events will keep happening. Awful and tragic but inevitable. God help them.

Beatrice Gibbs

Why can’t these NRA supporters wake up and put a stop to these horrific shootings? For heaven’s sake Republicans, be responsible and pass gun law reform.

Lee Reynolds

It would take a SWAT team to get in most primary schools in Edinburgh. How after all these incidents are these people able to just walk in?

Helen Tait

Heart goes out to the families, friends, emergency workers and the community at this truly heartbreaking time. Just awful!

Tom Mathers

It’s gun safety that’s the issue. I bet the gun wasn’t his, probably a parent’s who didn’t have it locked up. I know many responsible gun owners.

Val Robson

They need to control the gun laws in the USA or this will just continue to happen. Why they haven’t changed with this constantly happening is beyond belief!

Megan Frye

How many more young lives have to be lost before that country gets its act together?

Elaine McRae

This is just awful. All these shootings in America over the years killing innocent people and they still think it is right to carry guns. Insane!

David Shewan

But they can't infringe the second amendment, the right to keep or bear arms! It's called an amendment, so amend it. How many more lives have to be lost?

Michelle Walker

There is no easy solution. There seems to be zero vetting of firearms purchasers and even if there was, they’re easily purchased illegally. It’s really just tragic and heartbreaking.

Dan Long

Tragic. And it'll be tragic next week or month when it happens again. He could buy that gun legally at age 18, he couldn't legally buy a beer. Let that sink in.

Nicci Watson

When will America learn and ban guns? All this crap about freedom to carry firearms!

Steven Ogilvie

Hey America. The British are not coming. Wake up!

Carol B Goodman

Just another day in America…

Ian MacLachlan

The latest from the gun lobby is that they don’t want those that have “mental problems” to be unable to hold “guns”!

Meg MW

When the right to be armed is more important than the lives of children…

Alma Egan

So sad. This is getting terrible what a bloody world this is. All these beautiful children off to school and don’t go home.