The first tram tracks for the Edinburgh tram extension have been laid on Leith Walk - your views online

"Over £1 billion construction cost and average losses over £8 million per year and the systematic destruction of our bus service”

Tram lines

The first tram tracks for the Edinburgh tram extension have been laid on Leith Walk

David Carnegie

Brilliant stuff, love the chocolate teapot noddy train. Remember, it will break even by the year 2447. (That’s not a joke by the way, cost/profit=426 years).

Jacqueline Russell

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Trams were here donkeys years ago and got rid of. But yes, be positive, but it’s a hell of a lot of money to spend - and gosh what a time to do it and then more money. And honestly, Edinburgh has the best bus service; it’s just such a waste of money - sorry!

Gavin Spence

Bravo ! Get it done. Trams are a huge improvement to many. They provide a great way to get in and out of town that's punctual and efficient. Get the other lines done now.

Graham Meighan

I see that, given the tram tracks take up most of the road, there will not be any parking outside the shops. That’s a great help for businesses. Also, for anyone that thinks they’re a good idea - one line, one destination - what about 10-15 buses that used go down Leith Walk all to different destinations? I’d personally say that’s providing a better service that one tram line.

Morag Lamond

It's just another embarrassing story for the Capital. Council seems to thrive on bad decisions.

Luke McGowan

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Should break even in around 500 years, providing there’s no maintenance required between now and then.

Andy Taylor

Just over £71 million per mile - assuming that the costs don't rise again. What a bargain. This is what happens when you allow third rate politicians access to public money. No doubt under Spaces for People, they'll put a cycle path up the middle of the tram line and a pedestrian walkway either side.

Wendy Bell

I thought they laid them in 2008 when they dug up Leith Walk.

David Nisbet

The planned tram extension to Fife may require its own bridge, but that's OK – Scotland has loads of money.

Gordon Douglas

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Perfect, direct to the Central Bar before the game without having to ‘Bus Hop’.

Jim Taylor

Thing is, who wants to travel to the city centre? Apart from tourists, of course, who don't know any better. Isn't it long overdue for the council to reevaluate what the city centre offers?

Hugh Mccoach

The trams are so good and effective and no pollution. I wonder if that was the reason Sheffield sold theirs to Stagecoach for £1.15 million in 1997?

Paul Harvey

There's sections of track in Constitution Street and at Ocean Terminal too. But what I want to know is, where will the trams terminate when they close York Road station to connect it all up - given that the next nearest crossover is in Coates Crescent? And how long will it take?

Lyndsay Mccallum

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What a mess they are making of the place. Feel bad for folk that bide there.

Henry Campbell Gillan

Once up and running, Leith will wonder what it was like without them and why we had to endure such a slow bus service for all those years. From recent news that central government seems to be coming on board regarding sustainable transport, this line should be the first of many.

Andy Kelly

Compete waste of money and has ended businesses in this process - shambles.

Isobel Pratt

They'll hope there's no bad weather as they can't run in the snow, like last week.

Helen MacDonald

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So when are they going to be finished with Constitution Street? It has been closed for 18 months.

Elizabeth Gannon

Great, only another five years to go.

Jonny Christie

And about 50 yards behind where this photo was taken there is an existing branch line – the old Leith branch from Abbeyhill – which went to the old landfill pit at Broughton. By laying less than two miles extra track, it could be extended to Newhaven anyway!

Morag Gray

Can’t wait to go on a tram down Leith Walk, really handy for me.

Paul Taylor

At least they won't have to buy any more trams for this extension. They bought enough years before the first part of the line was completed. Couldn't sell them on as they were out of guarantee and of an old fashioned design.

Brian Johnston

Edinburgh’s disgrace. Over £1 billion construction cost and average losses over £8 million per year and the systematic destruction of our bus service.

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