The new Hibs manager - your views online

Hibs will this week accelerate their search for a new head coach, with Neil Lennon, Derek McInnes and Robbie Fowler in the frame

Steven McKenzie

Look at Robbie Fowler's management record. Be better off with Arthur Fowler from EastEnders.

Michael Black

HI heard Terry Butcher was front runner. He’s be a brilliant stop gap until end of season.

Derek Knox

Duncan Ferguson.

William Sharp

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Neil Lennon is the only choice out of the other three all day long.

Alex Scott

What about Pat Fenlon, he did great in the derbies.

Fergus McLouis Boyle

David Martindale with Marvin Bartley is my choice and they haven’t been mentioned. I don't think they will get the Hibs job, but in my opinion DM is no dummy. John Rankin raved about him on the radio last week, said his tactics were spot on against Hibs and an away victory at Tannadice on Saturday. Did United not take threre points against Rangers there? We will probably get some Yank who is a pal of Mr Gordon.

Willie Milne

None of the above.

Ray Wallace

Robbie has contacts very good contacts down south – a couple of good loan players and some good youngsters.

Pearson Stu

Mcinnes getting job = boring football job.

John McGrane

Only name I've seen mentioned that enthuses me is that of John Carver.

Allan Squair

John Hughes with Big Raymond Wallace, Drylaw Hearts.

Kenny Logan

Tommy Craig would do well.

Craig John Simpson

You all forgot one good manager in Peter Grant.

Ian Addison

Still think Kelty Hearts manager Kevin Thomson.

Norman Landells

Bring back Lennon and Kamberi.

Graeme Lofty Stewart

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Neil Lennon has proved himself at Hibs, got them promoted and beating Rangers at the same time. No nonsense, gives straight answers.

Stephen Murchie

Hibs will never attract a top, top manager as they don’t have the funds or resources to compete with the big boys.

Stuart Robinson

Lennon was the best Hibs have had in the last 20 years.

Stuart Goldie

Robbie fowler - Thai, India and Oz leagues. And his record looks awful.

School closure call

Unions urged the Scottish Government to close schools early for the festive break amid spread of the new Omicron variant.

Stacie Lothian

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What a joke. Clearly these people don't have children. The children have all suffered enough and lost enough time from school.

Louise Stewart

Why? Everyone vulnerable has been offered a booster already, so if they get it they are 'very well protected'. So we are told.

Ali Baba

I don't doubt the teachers are working hard, but I cannot go back to trying to do two jobs, mine and home schooling. Working parents (and that includes teachers who are parents) have been through too much. Employers’ patience is going to run out and where does that leave us?

Tracy McKeown-Stewart

This is as fair for the teachers as it is for the children and the families they are coming home to. Kids don’t miss out on anything at this time of year. They will, howeve,r miss out on a lot if they catch Covid in the next two weeks, so will all of their families. I think regardless of how difficult it may be for childcare etc, it is the safest thing to ensure everyone can celebrate Christmas properly.

Heather Dempsey

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Teachers, janitors, cleaning staff, office staff and kitchen staff are all human, all have families. They have struggled to operate with staff shortages for weeks now. Now this new ruling of staying at home for 10 days if anyone in your household has Covid......there goes more staff off. It’s a stupid new rule, but what can they do? Think this is why they think schools might close early!

Sam Love

So what do parents do when both work full time? Pay the extra for childcare/school clubs etc or use holiday days? Government doesn’t have a clue.

Carolyn Pearson

Why should our young people's education have to suffer more? Stop people going to large events, Have some common sense and put our children first!

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