The owner of a business on Leith Walk has erected a sign at his window to joke about the lack of support businesses in the area are receiving- your views online

"Funny but very true. The place is an absolute mess and getting up and down Leith Walk is a nightmare.”

Saturday, 18th September 2021, 7:00 am

Leith Walk

The owner of a business on Leith Walk has erected a sign at his window to joke about the lack of support businesses in the area are receiving

Dana Grant

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As a former business owner in that area (Brunswick Street) I understand their frustration, and I left just as the digging was getting underway. So here we are years in and they’re still in a mess. However, it’s a change from talking about coronavirus.

Pam Brown

Residents around the three tram stops on Leith Walk – Mcdonald Road, Arthur Street and outside Wetherspoons won’t mind the 90 decibel door alarms every seven minutes approx in a built-up area. It’s called the loud tunnel effect, especially at 10.30 at night and early morning 6am when there’s less background noise. No need for an alarm call, you hear the tram before you see it – annoying times ahead. How passengers pay for the pleasure of this high pitch noise torture which is not human ear friendly is baffling. Ear muffs not supplied, carrying head pain killers recomended.

Wayne Curran

I worked in Leith as a delivery driver when the initial tram works took place up and down the Walk 15 or so years ago. Most of those businesses are no longer there. They disappeared as soon as the road was unsuitable for people to stop and park. Small grocers, coffee/sandwich shops, takeaways, never to be seen again. Then it was decided the trams weren’t coming to Leith, so the businesses were lost for no reason other than incompetence. Other people have since come along to try to start their business in their place and look what’s happening now. Trams now coming to Leith and the whole process restarts. A lot of these people will disappear soon. The council will use Covid as the reason but history will show us that the trams have played their part. Feel so sorry for these guys.

Elizabeth Reville

Funny but very true. The place is an absolute mess and getting up and down Leith Walk is a nightmare.

Betty Kilpatrick

It’s the same here in Haymarket – they would dig the same hole up over and over again.

Katrina Campbell

Unfortunately it’s so true, what a complete mess the tram works are making of a once thriving Leith Walk.

Graham Mitchell

I’m sure your house prices will zoom up with a tram link to airport. You won’t be complaining then will you?

Owen Dougal

Trams are the last thing Edinburgh needed.

Andrew White

I worked on this project for a month. The people running it have no idea what's going on every day, It's a free for all, boys just taking days off when they want t.

Stewart Harvey

I would refuse to pay any council rates or charges for the length of time the tram works are being carried out, due to loss of business.

Mohammed Arjat

We are all happy to have the tram in our city, but what l don't understand is why the work is very, very, very slow.

Frank Power

Won't be long – at least it's ahead of schedule, not like the last time. Chin up, it will be good for business. Blackpool paved the way, they kept their trams which are still running!

Paul Main

Aye. Not content to do it once, they decided to do it again.

Al fresco life

Edinburgh bars and restaurants are allowed to keep outdoor seating areas for longer

David A Brown

Rent a hot water bottle and blanket? That’s a great was to improve sales – not! Are these blankets and hot water bottles cleaned after every rental? interesting.

Maria Fraser

I’m not entirely sure how shared hot water bottles and tartan blankets, mixed with the high probability of spilled alcohol/food etc, can be entirely hygienic in the current situation, due to the sanitation requirements within hospitality settings.

Rhoda Lawton

Hot water bottles are a risk in themselves. They could they scald the person filling them or a person who has rented one if it perishes and bursts. Health and Safety surely won't support this!

Allie A Berry

Really not that desperate to sit and drink and eat outside when you can sit inside at other places.

Anne Cormack

I love the outdoor seating areas, but I think investing outdoor heating is a better idea than renting hot water bottles and blankets. You could always take your own nice clean ones with you?

Tracey Mitchell

Surely if they want the business it's up to them to make people want to go and feel comfortable.