The Queen's funeral procession in Edinburgh - your view online

'Unprecedented' event sees 100,000 people use Waverley station and traffic up 25 per cent

Huge crowds turned out to pay their respects as the cortege carrying the coffin of the late Queen Elizabeth II passed through Edinburgh (Picture: Ian Forsyth/WPA pool/Getty Images)
Huge crowds turned out to pay their respects as the cortege carrying the coffin of the late Queen Elizabeth II passed through Edinburgh (Picture: Ian Forsyth/WPA pool/Getty Images)

Historic Edinburgh Tours

Fantastic work. Police Scotland, Scottish Government and especially City of Edinburgh Council did so well. Scotland’s people were great too. They all did us proud.

Susan Andrews

Expertly organised with no hitches. The crowds were amazing. They got to see everything close up which won't happen in London!

Lynda Fisher

That is so very true. Yes we did. Well done Scotland.

Belinda Wilson

Totally agree. Scotland did itself proud in the unity and dignity displayed in paying tribute to a great person!

Fiona Flynn

Scotland and everyone involved did itself proud and gave her Majesty a beautiful and well deserved send off with no time for rehearsals and the whole world watching. Fantastic. Condolences to all the family RIP.

Nikki Sneddon

Proud to be Scottish, what a beautiful send off we all gave her Majesty.

Shelagh Craig

It was amazing, well done Scotland, proud to be Scottish.

Gav Wright

Quick question - would the bins have been emptied had the Queen died a couple of weeks earlier or would they have left them overflowing and rubbish all over the floor?

Anne Harkness

Totally agree. Scotland did itself proud - well done everyone.

Frances Christian

For the showing on the big screen of the Queen’s funeral on Monday, they should have interpreters. It’s only right for all the deaf. I am deaf legally and partially sighted, this is why I am asking.

Heatheř Andersoň

We should be proud. We didn't have full rehearsals like London did, we just did it with the eyes of the world watching.

Heather Brownlee

Phenomenal event organisation by all involved. Thank you.

Bankers’ bonuses

Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng is proposing to scrap the cap on bankers’ bonuses to boost the City of London

Steve Aitchison

Tories propose removing cap on banker's bonuses, thereby pleasing lots of their chums and ensuring future party donations from this sector, and sticking another two fingers up to the public.

Meg Jones

The pits and so Tory. Levelling up? A joke.

Kim Mcquillan

Why would we the voters/taxpayers sit back and allow this to happen when the country is in the state it's in after 12 years of Tory government?

Billy Young

So does this mean bankers can give themselves even bigger bonuses? It seems like governments are only interested in creating a bigger wealth gap between the already rich and already poor. People have got to stop voting for the Tories, it’s really simple.

John Anderson

Increasing worker’ wages will cause inflation, but not bankers’ bonuses. Oh!

Gordon James Reid

Like all the other money laundering buccaneer states.

David Beveridge

Levelling up?

Danush Kovalsky

I thought he said he wants to invest money in the UK so he can scrap food banks… never mind, I misread it.

Scottish meteor

Edinburgh stargazers stunned and delighted as 'shooting star' spotted above Capital

Steven Napier

That’s our Lizzie looking over us all one last time.

Graeme Gair

I saw a really cool one in winter 1981/82 in Inverness. I was standing at the bus stop and it was as though somone had dipped a tennis ball in petrol, set it alight and threw it over my shoulder, from behind me.

Gillbrand Forsdyke

I saw one in 2003 while driving from Gifford to Haddington going west to east, exactly the same as this one.

Emily Keenan Smith

Even if it was UFO phenomenon they wouldn't tell us.

Margaret Quinn

We had a great view of it right across the sky above Corstorphine Hill. It was incredible!

Rod Johnston

These are daily occurrences, some brighter than others.

Dave Shields

Maybe it’s the second coming, God knows we need saving. A bit of divine intervention is required now.