The RNLI plead with the public to look out for their own safety after rescuing people from Cramond Island- your views online

"It might be a good business idea to set up a water taxi to Cramond”

Saturday, 20th March 2021, 7:00 am
Three people had to be rescued by HM Coastguard after becoming stranded on Cramond Island this afternoon.

Cramond Island

The RNLI are pleading with the public to look out for their own safety after being called out every day this week to rescue people from Cramond Island.

Isa Creme

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Don’t rescue them. Such a waste of resources. They just have to wait 12 hours. It's not an emergency. If they've ignored the signs it's their own fault. It might be a good business idea to set up a water taxi to Cramond.

Lorraine Blyth

If people are too stupid to read the times and get themselves off before high tide then they should either wait till the tide recedes or pay the full cost of the “rescue”. We’ve been over to Cramond hundreds of times since we were children and never once got stranded.

Helena Roni Wilson

My kids love exploring Cramond Island, we always check the tide times and keep a watch on the tide at all times to see were it is. Stressful for us adults but kids love it.

Leanne Innes

If you get trapped, why not just stay out there until next tide or take a tent and camp for the night?

Keith Gosman

People who get stranded on Cramond should be fined £200 for their own stupidity and the money given to the RNLI. If they don't want to pay the fine, they can always wait for the tide to go back out! Stupidity doesn't equal emergency!

Smith C Karen

Put up a notice to say that if they choose to ignore the tide warnings, and put themselves (and others) at risk, then they will be charged for the rescue and fined.

Steven Wilson

If they can't be bothered checking the times for the tide being in/out, tough. Just leave them overnight, they will get the hang of it for the next time.

Carol Barclay Nana Nog

Bill them for the time and money spent on the rescue. There are clear timetables as to when it is not safe to cross. Ignore them, then pay the bill.

Neil Anderson

They are stuck on dry land and not at risk of drowning. Just let them wait it out. Character building.

Heather Griffiths

Leave the muppets there. Put a sign up of the tides and if they still continue to go across to the island leave them there and charge them a call out fee.

Dexter Stuffins

Why should they pay a fine? I'm not saying people shouldn't cross with due care, but do we ask cancer patients that have smoked all their lives despite knowing the risks to pay a fine? Or refuse to treat them? How about fat people that kept on eating and had a heart attack or diabetes, despite knowing it could happen, or people that drive too fast or drink too much – where is the line? People are stupid and as long as that remains the case then the emergency services and NHS etc will be there to bail them out, and so it should be.

David Boswell

No idea why they don't put an emergency shelter there with a coded door and leave them there until the tide goes out.

Fiona Akacha

Time these folk were fined. God forbid there's a real emergency and the lifeboat is in use for some idiot who hasn't bothered reading the tide timetable.

Fiona MacTavish

Give them the choice, to be left or pay to be sought.

Sick Kids

NHS Lothian apologises ahead of new Sick Kids hospital opening

Leanne Innes

It’s opening that's the main point. Does it really matter that it has taken this long?

Gavv Laing

I worked on this several times and it was the companies that went bust and jinxed it not the SNP – and I haven’t stuck up for them much lately. The overtime rates were fab, though!

Elizabeth McArthur

Why Freeman was not sacked for this debacle is beyond me.

Thomas Imrie

Only nine years late, thanks to our incompetent Scottish government.

Michael Gordon

Same as most things with this administration, they are too busy giving away supposed freebies and hiding stuff from the public and each other.

Angela Mcdermott

How many millions has it really cost, bearing in mind it’s nearly ten years overdue on its opening date?

Gus Stewart

What a fabulous asset to our area better safe (and late) than never.

Shirley KyaIvanah

A lot like the Glasgow children’s hospital – looks lovely.

Kris Rowze

The sooner the better, so we can get the old one at the Meadows turned into flats.