The Scottish government has offered NHS staff a four per cent pay rise back dated to December - your views online

"Well, the SNP have got this staff nurse’s vote. Can’t imagine the Conservatives would ever offer us four per cent”

Friday, 26th March 2021, 7:00 am

NHS pay rise

The Scottish government has offered NHS staff a four per cent pay rise back dated to December

Victoria McIntosh

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Its great if you work for the NHS, but what about every other person working in the private sector who supposedly has worked just as hard?

Keith Robertson

Why do pay rises have to be made in per centages, this only benefits the higher earners and widens the pay gaps? If there is a pot of money for the increase, divide it by the number of staff involved. Four per cent of 40k is a lot more than four per cent of 20k. A pint of milk, a loaf of bread costs everyone the same,so why give someone a £1600 increase and someone else £800.

John Swaney

While welcoming the deserved rise for staff, it's hard not to be cynical about the timing of it.

Ann Davidson

She's desperate for people to vote for her – it’s all political.

Laura Nairn

Well, the SNP have got this staff nurse’s vote. Can’t imagine the Conservatives would ever offer us four per cent, given their supreme leader in the south is only gracing his hard working NHS staff with one per cent.

James Templar

There are many front line staff worthy of a pay rise, many groups deserve credit, from the trucker to the shopkeeper, the carer, the neighbour. So many have given above and beyond. Not all NHS staff work with Covid, but most carers do. Bottom line, there are many roles worthy of reward, but someone has to pay the piper.

Raja Shafique

Very well deserved and should have been even more. NHS workers here already get paid more than NHS England/Wales because Scotgov has consistently honoured the pay review body recommendations over the years. This latest pay rise is not new and has been in negotiation for almost a year, so has nothing to do with elections. But let's not let facts get in the way of another SNP bad story. Scotgov do what is right for the right reasons and the unionist idiots still moan.

Kevin R Turnbull

Well done Nicola, everyone wins. Treasury gets more tax, money gets spent in shops. The big picture, folks and the NHS Scotland may remember what the SNP do for Scottish NHS.

Joe Foster

Great news and well deserved! My only concern is what other health and social care services will be cut/suffer on the back of this? Time will tell.

Martin Walker

Pure bribery for votes. Announced in time for the 10 o’clock news and just before the midnight deadline for policy announcements before the election campaign period begins. Which, of course, allows no time for opposition comment. What a cynical move. Even the BBC hinted as much!

Bryan Millan

For those saying this is bribery for votes, you are wrong. We were told we were getting one per cent backdated to December and then reviewed in the summer but the unions, specifically Unison, said no, let’s keep talking, and won this further increase. If it was all about buying votes, this would’ve been the initial offer with a review in the summer.

Tram vandalism

Edinburgh Trams are ready to halt services after ‘unruly’ youths smashed a tram window following a string of anti-social behaviour incidents across the Capital

Michael Burns

A few wee bams smashing a window was all that was needed for the trams to be stopped? Could have saved the city mega millions if they had done this a few years ago!

Keith Anderson

There is no deterrent to stop them. Crime and anti social behaviour is rampant in Scotland.

Tracy Flockhart

What is wrong with people? We get how you feel about trams but they are here and people’s safety is at risk because the walking oxygen stealers don’t know how to behave and have no respect.

Isabel Waddell

This is not punishment to the idiots who are doing this. It will only affect the good people who need transport. When the culprits are caught they should be severely dealt with, not just a slap on their hands and let go.

Keith Trotter

Imagine what will happen when they ride on the buses for free!

Christopher Arkle

So it appears that some yobs throwing bricks or stones now have control of public transport services in the capital city. What will they close down next, rather than dealing with the problem?

Donald Tait

They should take them all off the road now in case there is more trouble.