The UK is set to face a beer and crisps shortage due to a lack of delivery drivers and strike action - your views online

"What an incredible place. One day in 2016 (Brexit) and whole country collapses”
Beer and crisps are in short supply on supermarket shelvesBeer and crisps are in short supply on supermarket shelves
Beer and crisps are in short supply on supermarket shelves

Food shortages

The UK is set to face a beer and crisp shortage due to a lack of delivery drivers and strike action.

Quyen Lam

Just beer and crisps? Supermarket shelves are already looking empty from baked beans, wine, chicken, tinned foods, fresh fruit and veg. Well done Tories.

Gavin Markham

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Three words - Brexit, Tory, incompetence. I’m still amazed by voters who don’t think Scotland can do perfectly well on our own. Heeds in the sand stuff. Ostrich party.

Shaun Allan

So we won’t get two pints of lager and a packet of crisps.

Tiger Cairns

And you all thought this nightmare was ain’t even started.

Sharon Mooney

Beer, crisps, yoghurts, chicken – soon we’ll be on rations because food is running out. So-called government is a joke.

John Blythe

Frankly less beer and crisps is probably a good thing in terms of your health. Generally you should be eating and drinking less of those anyway. Thanks Brexit.

Bryan Wood

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Set for? Peroni and Moretti beer is already in short supply... we're already experiencing a shortage of food items such as chicken. I'd say thats a bigger concern.

Helen Wemyss

I think this is least of our worries considering what’s going on In the world. Alcohol is the biggest killer out there but accepted by all… boils my blood!

Gillian Hazelwood

Brexit hasn't exactly helped either!

Paul Burgess

Not just beer and crisps, lots of empty shelves in the supermarkets. Isn't post-Brexit life wonderful?

William Orr

If this keep up we will all be stick insects.

Pawel Łuniewscy

What an incredible place. One day in 2016 (Brexit) and whole country collapses No drivers, nurses, so many hotels, pubs, restaurants, etc are closed for good. Shelves in well known shops nearly empty, pharmacies the same. I know it’s a bit easier to blame Covid-19 but the facts are so clear they're talking louder than myths.

Peter Anderson

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All the sheep who voted for Brexit and far right wing politicians and policies – you deserve all you get.

World of work

What was the first job you had after leaving school?

Zoe Lane

Freelance sign language interpreter! Still doing it.

Toni Edwards

Crawford bakery – loved it.

Tony Ward

Got a sub-contracting job planting random bollards on random streets and junctions on behalf of Edinburgh Council - didn't even require planning permission! Then I got promoted to randomly dumping giant wooden planter boxes to block residents streets at random. Once I even blocked my own exit route and had to mount the pavement to escape! The whole thing didn't seem too well planned out and no-one I worked with had a scoobie what we were doing or why we were doing it.

Sandie Bowe

Office junior in a magistrates court. Loved it, £50 per week.

John Anderson

YTS joinery at Jewel and Esk College, Dalkeith, now HGV driver around Leith.

Lindy Houghton

Cafe Royal in Edinburgh as owner’s secretary. Loved it.

Karen Mason

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James Dunbar Ltd, office junior, first wage was £15. I hated Mrs Stevenson, she didn’t like me much either. Loved the small office across from the factory, hated having to go to said factory to get weekly figures. Loved the drivers whose runs I used to plan! It was a love hate kinda job.

Gaye Lenaghen

Office clerk at Autoglass - lots of laughs, constantly wound up by the guys.

Ella Sanderson Veldre

I was hired by HJ Heinz Co in the Leith area. Once hired, at age 16, I was called a stenographer, so American, and not a shorthand typist. Happy years then I immigrated to the USA. It was preordained. Small joke, but it happened. If I met a new fellow and he asked where I worked, it was inevitable he would ask “Which variety are you?” Ah, the memories!

Annemarie Boston

Stable hand at a charity horse sanctuary.

Sheila R McLennan

Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh. Office job in the Examinations Department. Loved it.

Cherie Kirk

YTS, 1982, £25.50 a week for a wee shop in Bonnyrigg. Still remember that scary outside toilet.

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