There is a shortage of truck drivers all over Europe - your views online

Fuel retailer BP has had to close some filling stations due to supply issues caused by the HGV driver shortage.

Steven Oliver

There's a shortage of lorry drivers caused by drivers leaving the industry due to poor pay and conditions and a backlog of licence applications at Swansea as a knock-on effect of the pandemic. Nothing at all to do with Brexit, more to do with the haulage companies not paying their drivers a good wage.

Adam Paterson

Drivers should demand a wage rise once they’ve started working. Supply and demand init! There's a massive shortage of HGV drivers, so you guys should demand higher wages, seeing how they can't replace you with anyone else.

Paul Cattanach

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And so the panic at the petrol stations begin, fuel prices will be forced up even higher than they currently are.

Scott Reid

It's a supply chain issue, not a supply issue, unlike two decades ago.

Adrienne King

Staff shortages across all industries absolutely expose the poor pay/working conditions most people have to endure. Tthe shortage of lorry drivers has brought this into sharp relief. Letting up rules so EU drivers can return to work here seems to be the only option, but if I were one of those drivers I wouldn't be getting in my cab for crap wages and prices will rise. But this won't make a blind bit of difference to those who make fiscal decisions on our 'behalf'.

Darren Ainslie

Perhaps if the government scrapped the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence training, drivers would come back.

Cliff Mcn

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There is a shortage of drivers all over Europe, not just the UK.

Liz Rae

England voted for Brexit. Scotland, you know what to do.

Michal Rusky

They closed "handful" of petrol stations – perhaps these were least profitable or deemed to be closed anyway.....but they will put petrol prices up. Project new normal continues.

Teifion Tom Felix

But we now control our borders, eh?

Craig Barlas

There is no shortage of drivers, just a shortage of people stupid enough to work maximum hours with minimum respect for average money. Drivers have been leaving this industry in their droves for years now.

Paul Mcmahon

We clapped for nurses instead of giving them decent wages for difficult work and clapped for the real people that kept us going, like lorry drivers keeping us fed and watered.

Walter Purves

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Where have all the drivers gone – they where there to begin with? What a state of affairs.

Willie Anderson

Incompetent Johnson’s Brexit bonus.

Marion Garland

Brexit bus should have said will cost you £350 million plus a week.

George Smith

Funny how there was plenty to do the job six months ago. What happened – all the drivers gave up working or went on holiday?

Elbe Bennett

Great! No fuel, empty shelves, gas and electric doubling in price, going to be freezing in winter and possible power outages, National Insurance going up, possible toy shortages for the kids at Christmas. Brexit is just fab Time to get out this toxic mess the rUk is in.

David Tennant

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Bathgate's David Tennant has been nominated for a major acting award for his performance in crime series Des, in which he played Scottish serial killer Dennis Nilsen

Beverley Rainford

Just give him all the awards now. I said at the time of watching if he didn’t win everything going, it would be a travesty. One of the best things I’ve ever seen him in.

Collette Halley

He does deserve an award. He is one of our best Scottish actors.

Loretta Serene Dunn

He was eerily good. From the dead eyes, the unperturbed vocal pattern and complete apathy over what he'd done, Tennant absolutely inhabited that part and nailed it. Should've got a Bafta, glad he got the NTA, but an Emmy is what he really deserves. Brilliant acting.

Graeme Archibald

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Yes and along with Martin Clunes.That Manhunt series for the four nights last week was just awesome - great acting by all.

Debbie Irving

He was scarily brilliant in this role. I remember Nilsen when he was caught. Quite terrifying.

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