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"War on car users, bus users, taxi users, delivery drivers, the disabled, the elderly, on shift workers, on plasterers/joiners/plumbers etc”

Monday, 14th June 2021, 7:00 am
Spaces for People in the city centre
Spaces for People in the city centre

Spaces for People

‘There is no war on motorists’ says Edinburgh transport chief

Diane Gray

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Living in Larchmont I would say getting about is not easy. I have restricted mobility and cannot walk to town, never mind do stuff and get back again. Many older people (and others) have similar problems. Councillor Macinnes just doesn't understand that people have a range of needs – including car/taxi access at times. The policy is far from inclusive.

John Mcnicoll

If Macinnes read any of her emails she would have maybe taken up my invite to actually crawl from under the rock she’s hiding under and got out and about in Edinburgh to see the utter chaos these so-called spaces for people measures have created. She might want to put aside a day at each cycle lane to actually see a cyclist using the cycling lane.

Ian Flockhart

Causing chaos, congestion and pollution with these ridiculous measures!

Scott Reid

"All of those things are driving this really positive agenda to make this a place where you can breathe the air a little better..." That'll be the air full of fumes from slowing traffic into low gears, constant stop/starting, needless diversions and dead ends.

David Carnegie

War on car users, bus users, taxi users, delivery drivers, the disabled, the elderly, on shift workers, on plasterers/joiners/plumbers etc.

Stephen Edwards Thom

The thing is, 45 per cent of people may not have access to a car but it's now a similar number of retail businesses that don't have access to parking for customers and it's soon going to be 100 per cent of emergency vehicles that are going to be restricted from doing their job and people will die because of it.

Henry Campbell Gillan

And here's me thinking that our council is doing, much as any other council in the UK, in trying to lessen our reliance on car use, thus making it easier for essential vehicle users. That sounds better for those registered disabled and for those deliveries.

Guy Kerr

"So when we only have policies that support car use, what we're essentially saying is that 45 per cent don't matter at all" ... When have you ever only had policies that support car use? There were plenty other policies around cycling and walking prior to this ridiculous SfP nonsense! A lame attempt by Cllr Macinnes at trying (very badly) to justify the shambles she has presided over in Edinburgh!

John Williamson

The work that has been done so far would way exceed £5 million, going by this council’s estimates in the past. The sad fact now is we are going to have to live with it because any good council couldn't afford to try to rectify the damage that has been done in the current situation that the SNP government allow.

Anne McIntosh

As a pedestrian I find those cycle lanes dangerous, especially the speed that some, not all, cyclists use on them. As a pedestrian, after crossing the road avoiding cars, there's another road to negotiate and that's the more lethal one, the cycle lane. The wee zebra crossings are totally ignored too.

Elaine Inglis

Some of the roads are barely wide enough for a small car, never mind a bus/lorry, meaning they cross the middle line to the other carriageway. That’s not safe. Also coming down towards Cameron Toll from the city centre there are so many road markings painted on the road that when confronted with them you have to look down at the road instead of straight in front. That is not safe. Why are there two cycle lanes on one side? Is one for going down and one coming up? Many are not in the Highway Code either so how can you look up the weirder ones?

Les Gray

Fantastic idea to help those that don’t have a car, but it’s the ridiculous layouts and how much it affects those that do have a vehicle. More planning and measuring before implementing these ideas.

Allan Henderson

Muppets. Motors run business in Edinburgh and every other city in the country. This is a shambles and needs to be tackled right now. Bikes and pedestrians got along fine before this pandemic. They are the minority. Businesses need to move though and are more important to the economy than pedestrians or cyclists.

Andoni Amuchastegui

Yes, but that 45 per cent without access to a car, use buses, ambulances and taxis that need those roads that she eliminated in her simplistic approach.

Steven Robertson

This council is not waging a war on motorists, it is waging a war on all Edinburgh residents. It just doesn’t care about any of us, only pet vanity schemes.