Time for Greens to stand up and be counted - your views


Time for Greens to stand and be counted

The Green Party at Holyrood has now twice voted with the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats to require the Scottish government to hand over the legal advice they received about the wisdom of proceeding with the case against Alex Salmond.

It looks as if the Greens will have a chance to show whether they regard this issue as of fundamental importance by voting with these parties in a vote of no confidence in John Swinney, who has been instrumental in refusing to release that advice.

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It is a matter for conjecture what blandishments the SNP may, even now, be offering Green MSPs to vote with SNP MSPs to save Mr Swinney’s job.

We wait with bated breath for the Greens’ decision on this. It will demonstrate whether Holyrood is or is not fit for purpose.

If a minority govern- ment can get away with gerrymandering an important vote, we will know that it is the latter.

Jill Stephenson, Glenlockhart Valley, Edinburgh.

Make empty shops affordable housing

The massacre of retail shops in our towns and cities is a disaster for those who are losing their jobs.

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Councils will no longer receive rates from these companies, so council tax will rise. Where the properties were leased, the owners will pay less corporation tax. This situation could be turned into an opportunity.

There are too few affordable houses for young people and too many homeless people. These retails outlets could be turned into low-cost one and two-bedroomed flats.

This would ensure additional employment in the building trade for years to come with a higher tax take. This would be better than allowing houses to be built on greenfield sites.

Clark Cross, Springfield Road Linlithgow.

Scotland’s political parties missing a trick

Scotland's opposition parties, especially the Conservatives, profess horror at the mere suggestion devolution isn't perfect, claiming it's the SNP that has screwed up.

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If they'd spent the last 13 years understanding real voters, not those in hand-picked focus groups, and created policies to use devolution to fix and transform Scotland they might be in government, not staring down the barrel of annihilation in next May's election. The culprit isn't in Downing street, he or she faces them every time they look in the mirror.

Allan Sutherland, Willow Row, Stonehaven.

Give turkeys a break this Christmas Day

As Christmas approaches we encourage everybody to consider the impact they have on animals.

Every year, around 14 million turkeys are farmed and slaughtered in the UK - the vast majority for Christmas dinners. Most will have spent their short lives on a factory farm, where they are denied their basic needs. There is rarely any natural sunlight, there is no grass, and premature death and disease is commonplace.

Regardless of whether these animals are farmed on factory farms or smaller "high-welfare" farms, they always end up facingdeath at the slaughterhouse.

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The good news is that there is a number of plant-based options available from supermarkets and independent retailers, and recipes online. Animal Aid is offering a free digital copy of their Have a Very Vegan Christmas recipe booklet to anybody who wants a cruelty-free Christmas.

Tod Bradbury, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent.