Tory group leader Cllr Iain Whyte says Edinburgh needs more police after attacks on Lothian Buses and trams - your views online

"It's time parents were taking responsibility for their brats!”

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 4th May 2021, 7:00 am
Traffic congestion in Edinburgh on Wednesday. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
Traffic congestion in Edinburgh on Wednesday. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Bus attacks

Tory group leader Cllr Iain Whyte says Edinburgh needs more police after attacks on Lothian Buses and trams, so why is SNP-led council not banging the table?

George Bathgate

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How can you blame the SNP and Police Scotland? It’s the lack of parenting skills. Your mother/father or both used to teach you right from wrong or you knew yourself what was acceptable. It’s now time to stop blaming other people and stand up for themselves and sort this!

William Kay

Sadly this type of thing flares up everywhere from time to time. There seems to be no effective punishment for acts like this. Well, none that's deemed legal anyway, so let's leave it at that.

Naomi Johnston

My milk is off, does anyone have the complaints number to the SNP? I feel they are completely responsible for this and need to take more responsibility for their city. This is the sort of ridiculous crap coming out of people's mouths. They need to get a grip.

CR Ronald

Oh yeah it's definitely the fault of the police and council for folk bringing up feral rats with no boundaries. How about we start at home by bringing up kids with a bit of respect? Parents need to take responsibility and should be held accountable for their kids’ behaviour.

Michael Worobec

These issues are not solved by community police officers; I would suggest that these individuals, alas, hold little influence or respect among the youth who, in the main, are the people indulging in anti-social behaviour. Schools and community workers as well as a comprehensive approach to society and the eradication of poverty and urban decay is the much more complicated answer. Best conducted by an independent nation in charge of its destiny.

Kas Hulme

I hope Edinburgh sorts this as it’s a great city and I’ve spent much time there and boasted to others how lovely it is. I’m not Scottish but I hope you keep the city proud of what it’s attained.

Ian Vandepeear

Because they are too busy erecting bollards!

Deborah Robertson

It's time parents were taking responsibility for their brats!

James Davis

It’s also about time the council paid to fix the city centre roads that those big buses are churning up. Since they introduced those huge buses they have been destroyed.

Frank Wales

I know were your coming from. I stay here in Edinburgh but it's everywhere. Don’t just blame the council, this comes from SNP cutbacks to how many cops there are and how many stations are closed. You used to phone 999 and they were there, now you have to make an appointment and that is being serious. But you voted them in, so be it.

Gabhainn Combar-Hama

Edinburgh needs more responsible parents who care about the city and residents. Crime is down 45 per cent in Scotland. It seems some don’t like it that way.

Cheryl Strachan

They should have police on the buses.

Ricky Markham

I’m not sure table banging is the way forward.

Tony Bittner-Collins

Sorry, but it's the parents who've got to take action to properly educate these feral children and stop their vandalism.

Ser Glynn

I didn't think the council funded the police, I always thought it was the government.

Ray Lovie

When oil went down drain in 2015 I started as a bus driver for six months – got threatened four times, knife pulled on me twice, spat at three times.

Line of Duty

What did you make the Line of Duty finale?

Lorrie Cole

The worst episode ever! What a big let down, soooo disappointing! Has to be another season, it can’t actually end like that. I still think it’s Carmichael.

Kathleen Ferguson

What a way to end what has been a gripping series from day one...what a huge let down.

Tasneem Irshad

I think the series needs to end. It's been a great run but the last episode just shows the series has reached the end of the line.

Greg Healey

There will be another series. Hastings gave info at the end to test the water with Carmichael. No chance IB is the fourth man. The producers will know that was a tame ending and series seven will be on the way.

Jbrown JB

Tepid at best...I hope this means there will be an explosive season seven!