Towering structure that is well worth gasholding on to

I DON’T often agree with the Scottish Government, but I was delighted when I read that the Granton gasholder is here to stay (News, January 24).

I think this structure is beautiful and has a certain charm, and with positive thinking could become an attraction for everyone to enjoy.

Frances Durie, chairwoman of West Pilton and West Granton Community Council, described the decision as “silly”, before going on to say “I think something better could be done.”

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Well Frances, here is an invitation. Put a notice up in the library for your next meeting so people can attend and hear your stance.

This structure is iconic and should be upgraded to A-list immediately.

Vincent Logan, Muirhouse View, Edinburgh

Removal went without snags

AS we moved home from North Berwick to Edinburgh recently, we anticipated a nightmare wait to get repairs and snagging done in our new home (a council house).

We worried in vain. A real hero turned up, a housing inspector by the name of Robin Melrose. No going back to the office, sending e-mails or issuing job sheets for him, no red tape.

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Soon he was on his mobile. If the tradesmen did not appear later on our doorstep, he had appointments for us. We are pleased to say all work is now almost completed. A great big thank-you to Robin and his merry men. Well done all. We are settling in fine.

Robert Wood, Ferniehill Drive, Edinburgh

Mastery of EU is no vote-winner

NEWS from Germany tells us that the German Chancellor – Angela Merkel – is to campaign alongside Nicolas Sarcozy in France and elsewhere in the EU to ensure Sarcozy is re-elected to the French presidency.

The EU state apparatus has already orchestrated bloodless coups in Greece and Italy, replacing their governments with unelected bureaucrats; now it appears to be telling the French who they may, or may not elect to be president.

Once the Dear Leader takes Scotland out of the UK and into the promised land of the EU, how long will it be before Brussels imposes its apparatchiks on us?

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Alex had better think again if he wants my vote: exchanging one master (no matter how benevolent) for another, or two, is not my idea of independence.

David Fiddimore, Nether Craigwell, Calton Road, Edinburgh

Car parks should be free for all

ALASTAIR Macintyre takes offence that I suggested council staff should be charged to park in council employees-only car parks (Letters, January 31).

These are paid for by the taxpayer yet are exclusive to public sector employees.

Open them up free to all and I would have no problem.

Although Mr Macintyre is on a low wage there are many others who are paid well above the average private sector employee.

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In addition there are generous holidays and pension schemes.

Clark Cross, Springfield Road, Linlithgow

Transport record doesn’t move city

COUNCILLOR Lesley Hinds writes that the trams fiasco has eroded trust in the council and that she is concerned about transport issues in the Capital (News, January 31).

This is the same Lesley Hinds who, as part of the then Labour administration, voted for the trams project in 2005 and more recently voted to terminate the tram at Haymarket from the airport.

Cllr Hinds has done for transport what ice did for the Titanic, as the people of the city are all too aware.

Stefan Tymkewycz, Craigentinny/Duddingston ward

TV licence is not worth paying for

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I HAVE decided to write the TV licence department to tell them I will not be renewing my licence as I am fed up paying for all the rubbish – repeats, repeats, no proper films to suit all ages.

Soaps have too many murders and drinking at all times. Films are repeated so often I know most of them by heart.

P Brown, Edinburgh