Traffic measures planned for a busy Edinburgh road next week should be postponed - your views


Traffic measures

Traffic measures planned for a busy Edinburgh road next week should be postponed because of safety issues highlighted by the wintry weather, councillors have said

Sharon Gray

Braid Road closed for pedestrians and cyclists was like a skating rink, not treated and dangerous! Cyclists had to use the main carriageway on Comiston Road. This scheme is an outrageous waste of taxpayers money.

Maureen Berry

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Dalkeith Road was a nightmare. Cyclists had to use the main road. The gritter, instead of doing pavements which were never touched, had to clear the cyclist route two days later. Total waste of money and resources. Why were these were put in winter?

Jon Clark

Once this devious council has successfully choked every arterial road into the city with these ridiculous and little used cycle lanes, they will have created massive congestion, thus justifying their desire to levy a congestion charge. The council have seized upon the so called “Spaces for People” scam to propagate congestion-causing measures. This was their intent all along and Covid provided a golden opportunity for this to be rushed through without proper consultation or scrutiny or even sensible consideration. Wait and see and look forward to giving the council even more of your money for nothing.

Ian Black

Typical Edinburgh council – spend money they don’t have on cycle lanes with little or no consultation and then cut services to pay for it all!

Ken Randall

Comiston Road was not the only place this happened with the snow fall. And how do road sweepers work with them? They are a half-baked solution and will also suffer in autumn with a fall of wet leaves. Yes, cyclists need protection, but that needs to be through a serious awareness campaign and, if required, stiff penalties. However, this needs to extend to cyclists as well. Like drivers there are many responsible ones, but the aggravation caused on both sides by drivers and cyclists who lack awareness of their actions and disregard not just the highway code, but the law as well, fosters resentment and an us vs them attitude. Segregation is seldom if ever the solution.

Mark English

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The council leaders don’t even make sure the standard roads and paths are maintained, yet they’ve created more work for themselves by now adding all these bike lanes. It would have been safer for the cyclists if they had just left the roads wider.

Gordon Douglas

To be honest, if you cycle in this type of weather, you take your life in your own hands. Best leaving the bike at home.

Ian Vandepeear

Council prioritising cyclists over pedestrians!

Markets open

Stockbridge and Leith markets are set to continue trading while the Grassmarket outdoor market will be closed for January during the lockdown

Alan Smith

To be fair, apparently the government have said it's essential and safe for my work to cold call thousands of houses per week reading meters, so surely anything is allowed during this supposed national lockdown.

Stuart Robert Barber

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None should be allowed. Is it essential? I don't think so. We need to stop any options for people to gather and any outdoor market is hard to monitor. I'm sure we could go without any for a few months.

Lizz Rennie

You cannot easily socially distance at the markets. I stopped going to the one at Castle Terrace, because it was still as busy as it was before Covid. People queueing for stalls, completely blocked other stalls. No social distance in the queue. The marshalls didn't even bother to speak to people.

Ian Buchanan

What about the social distancing rule? It’s impossible to do that at an outdoor market. They should be closed like shops and where is the people coming from? We are supposed to be in lockdown.

Scott Dickson

Are they mad? And is everyone staying two metres apart?

Scott Robertson

And they wonder why businesses are angry. Absolute farce!

Paul Krol

If they can make it safe, then I cannot see a problem, but they should be closed straight away if there is a relaxation of rules.

Stuart Pike

Much safer than closed-in shops - go for it.

Aisha Moohan

Utter nonsense, not to mention irresponsible.

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