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Concerns have been raised by Edinburgh business owners in the hospitality sector following ScotRail’s announcement that late night trains will discontinue at the beginning of next week.

Paul Cuthbert

Chances of Edinburgh council easing parking restrictions in the city centre to help out? No chance, greedy shower.

Lorna Gatens

For me, bus is better. Stops closer to home, always know when they'll be there- even if a bit late as they have a great real time app. The cutbacks are awful and affect lots of people, needs a swift resolution, especially now the service is back in government hands.

Debbie Lennon

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No trains out of the city late evening... is the country trying to drive tourism away? What a backward move.

Louise Wilson

A family member supports Newcastle FC but can't often attend midweek evening games as the last trains back to Edinburgh are too early. Each time he can't attend that means less money spent in Newcastle, and the same will happen in Edinburgh. If people can't get home in the evening they just won't come at all.

Alex Monaghan

No point in taking day trips when there’s no guarantee of getting home.

Ian MacLachlan

What is wrong with the city linked buses? Better timetables, don’t take much longer than a train, better onboard facilities, free tea, coffee and biscuits (Edinburgh - Aberdeen) pre-pandemic!

Gail McAulay

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The travel infrastructure around our capital city is embarrassing!

Christine Foulner

ScotRail have been going downhill for years. You pay more money every year for an absolute sham of a service.

Graeme E Pearson

On the train now. Going into Edinburgh the first one was cancelled, going out - packed.

Bryan Wood

Getting “people out their cars and onto public transport” is going well!

Julie Starr

Brilliant, giving the public another reason to drive!

Negri Punton

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Good old SNP, doing the country proud. Can't wait for independence.. no leaving the house, no fun, no concerts, no events, no hope.

Andy Deans

Maybe if the hospitality sector in Edinburgh stopped ripping folk off with the price of drinks, folk would be able to hire a limousine to get hame.

Justine Barker

It’s fantastic they managed to do this just in time for the tourist season and festival/fringe. Bravo. Outstanding.

William Wood

Cancellations will flood in no doubt. Bus companies will never be able to substitute for the sheer volume of late night visitors to Edinburgh.

Glenn Rivett

Just cancelled a holiday to Scotland, probably one of many.

Joseph Platt

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Do not blame the SNP, blame the union and drivers. They want a pay rise when the country run by Westminster have put us into recession.

Stewart Anderson

No more trains to North Berwick after 8pm. Jeez, things are only just opening up properly and the rug is being pulled.

Les Stone

Best way to travel to North Berwick is on the buses – more reliable than trains.

John Terrell

Joke! My last train home has been moved to 21.43!

Joe Clifford

Plenty of people working in the evenings also can kiss their jobs goodbye.

Earl Cheffield

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Theres clearly not enough demand to make the services in question cost effective. People moan that train travel is too expensive but still expect empty trains to run, costing the service provider a fortune. If you want cheaper fares, we need to stop wasting money on unused services. Its not rocket science.

Sandy MacKinnon

Yet again the ineptitude of Sturgeon and her cabinet comes to the fore. They can't run a one-ticket raffle.

Janis Hay

It also affects colleagues who work on different Train Operating Companies. Book off time is 23.56 if they have to get a ScotRail train home! I work for TPE (Transpennine) and knowt one colleague definitely gets a ScotRail train – goodness knows what time she’ll get home!

Bill Blair

Transport Minister was on the radio earlier. Blaming everyone bar the owners of ScotRail. On the ferries, it's due to Covid and weather apparently. Clueless.

Des Liz Ferris

This is awful for our tourism and the city.


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