Trams will eventually be a Nice addition to the Capital

A few years ago I visited Nice when the city centre was disrupted by work to install trams.

I visited Nice again recently and enjoyed trips in the modern tram vehicles that glided smoothly with low noise and little pollution through streets that had been landscaped to a high quality.

When all the works are completed in Edinburgh I am sure residents and visitors alike will appreciate the contribution that trams can make to safe, speedy, healthy and integrated transport around the city.

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Businesses in the vicinity of tram stops will also benefit from greatly enhanced sales from tram passengers.

Norman Bonney, Palmerston Place, West End, Edinburgh

Nationalists must take responsibility

MARTIN Hannan is appalled at the waiting times fiasco in Edinburgh – but doesn’t criticise his beloved SNP government (News, March 27).

I’m sorry Martin, but all the fake outrage by SNP ministers does not alter the fact that they have been in charge of the NHS in Scotland for five long years now. Blaming other people is not good enough any more from Mr Hannan and the nationalists.

Dave Cochrane, Spottiswoode Street, Edinburgh

Greens will share energy ownership

CLARK Cross seems sceptical of the targets for renewable energy generation in Scotland, but his letter (March 29) came on the same day as confirmation that in 2011 renewables provided fully 35 per cent of our electricity needs, something which many people said could never be done.

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Mr Cross may be interested to know that the Greens have been arguing for a share of public and community ownership. Many councils south of the Border are discovering the benefits which flow from setting up their own public energy companies.

Given the scale of Scotland’s renewable resources, the benefits could be far greater here.

I have moved a motion at Holyrood to call for government support for such measures.

Patrick Harvie MSP, Scottish Parliament

Bus drivers are just the ticket

I WRITE in praise of Lothian bus drivers. They remain pleasant, friendly and patient during the altering of routes.

They cope with heavy traffic, potholes, irate passengers and bus stops that are moved around.

They are doing a tremendous job.

L Baillie, Calder Road, Edinburgh