'Travelling Safely' re-brand for Edinburgh's controversial 'Spaces for People' scheme - your views online

"It’s like we will take the worst away and leave the rest – that will shut them up for a bit”

Wednesday, 18th August 2021, 8:00 am

Spaces for People

'Travelling Safely' re-brand for Edinburgh' s controversial 'Spaces for People' scheme

Nadja Shields

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Not to mention these absolutely useless bottlenecks that cause traffic jams in rush hour. It's as if they created islands in the middle of the road for a sign that warns you about the islands. Huge waste of tax money and so very badly thought out in places.

Kenny Mcivor

Haven’t been in Edinburgh since before lockdown. Went last week. Not only is SFP a mess, but down the Bridges and Leith Walk/ Street what a state. Cheap nasty shops everywhere. What’s happened to our previously lovely city? What a disgusting place for all the tourists coming here. Has anyone on Edinburgh City Council got the guts to reply?

Gav Wright

I think it's time that Edinburgh gets a new council. Too many mistakes and bad judgements by the incumbent council. Bring Edinburgh back to its former glory.

David Morris

Council elections next year. We have the remedy then. Till then why is the pedestrian lane on the outside and cycles inside? Looks like someone thinks cyclists need more protection than people on foot - interesting!

Laura Clouston

Changing its name won't improve this shambles!

Graham Gray

Scrap the whole lot and get all the roads open again. You are putting lives at risk due to the emergency services having to go the long way round.

Jackie Behney

Safely? In what world are they seeing that any of this has been of any benefit other that paying a wage for the folk that did the work? It's a total nightmare and from what I’ve seen and read it’s caused so many issues.

Maggie Duke

How many pedestrians need knocked over?

Gary Gordon

This council has to go at the next elections. They have ruined our city. Weeds and rubbish everywhere, yet they waste money on silly projects.

Crispin Bates

As a cyclist I have hugely appreciated the opportunity to travel safely between Newington and the city centre in protected cycle lanes. It has definitely improved our family’s quality of life.

Paul Cuthbert

It’s like we will take the worst away and leave the rest – that will shut them up for a bit. I’m convinced the council has blasted well over the £5 million they got for this and have no money to remove it. Hopefully in May the people of this city will remember this whole shambles, when the world was in a pandemic, people out of work struggling and Edinburgh council put plastic bollards everywhere. I personally think Macinnes and McVey should be dragged in front of a tribunal for what they’ve done.

Paul Givan

As a motorist, I've had no trouble navigating the roads. As a cyclist, I am appreciative of the segregated lanes. As a pedestrian, the road closures and flower boxes are great. Council should continue to listen to feedback, tweak, remove or improve where necessary.

Gavin Quin

Naw, remove them. What are pavements for? And also the traffic build up is ridiculous - whoever thought this was a good idea needs sacked. Waste of money could have been put to better use.

Alison Munro

Total waste of money. Makes my blood boil! They took down the iron railings that made people walk to the crossings and now pedestrians can just cut across the road anywhere, ignoring the safety of the lights! London Street roundabout! Pretty smart thinking with a primary and secondary school in the near vicinity.

Steven Wilson

Yet an other waste of time and money. Use it to tidy up the city, not confuse it.

Louise Wilson

Why are they holding consultations? The last time there was a survey, 17,000 people replied and they wouldn’t listen!

Moira Miller

Perhaps when they get rid of the bollards they could spend some money on repairing all the potholes and removing all the grass and weeds that have sprouted up on the pavements and in the gutters. The city is a mess!

Bill Johnston

Is that the best they can come up with, really, – ‘let's change the name’? What a joke. The quicker the SNP get voted out, the better.

Jackie Littlejohn

Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what they have done to the cobbles down the front through the old part of South Queensferry to make a cycle lane. Absolute vandalism to such an iconic and historic part of the city. Tragic.