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Nicola Sturgeon has insisted there is “no connection” between the war in Ukraine and the campaign for Scottish independence after prominent SNP members appeared to make comparisons between the two.

Peter Lewis

She's trying clear up behind them again, but the party is showing its true colours. Trying to equate an unprovoked armed invasion with a system where Scotland has already had a chance to vote in a referendum, has a devolved parliament and has more spent on it than it raises in taxes... I wonder if the good people of Wales, NI and the English regions are reading this stuff?

Alexander Duncan

Scotland joined a Union years ago. Russia is bombing a country into submission. Even the cult members should see the difference.

Maria Laverty

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No, there certainly isn't, she is correct. Shame some of her MSPs think there is.

Anna Mosspaul

Mike Russell and others have let the "cat out of the bag", and no amount of spin from Nicola Sturgeon can change that.

Jacqui Hood

Hope Nicola knows that having Independence we will standing alone with no Nato backup.

Buchanan George

Of course there's no connection - I mean, there's no larger neighbouring nation wishing to deny or prevent Scotland's independence or prevent them from joining the EU as the majority voted for, is there?

Youngsters in jail

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Prisons inspector calls for an end to locking up under-18s in Scottish jails

William Hatton

I understand that locking them up doesn't stop them from getting involved in more crime when they get out. But what are we meant to do with those that are involved in criminal activities? Giving them a cuddle does not work. While they are locked up they aren't a danger to society. It should be similar to some American states – three strikes and you’re in for life. Make prisons unpleasant so they don't want to return.

Mac Mackenzie

Having dealt with young offenders from day one to the last day of my 25-year police caree,r I can see this will only project the idea that the little darlings can do what they want, when they want. Oh, hold the front page, they’re doing that already in Edinburgh and that’s with the deterrent of jail.

John Mcnicoll

Another deluded do-gooder in a job they don’t understand. Think she and most judges should resign and let victims do their jobs and let’s see how the punishment fits the crimes.

Gèöff Vàlêñtińé

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I wonder how she would feel if she was terrorised by 17 year olds in her own community or home. The current system clearly works in preventing young offenders from prosecution unless for a serious crime. As for restraining in a YOI, how else is a prison officer meant to split up a fight or stop them from harming themselves?

Ian MacLachlan

Maybe if politicians could take to the streets and see what things are like; and leave their leafy suburbs and take up residence in deprived, violent areas with their own families. Then they would get a better idea rather than sitting in comfortable offices babbling on about situations they know nothing about!

Clare Bauld

Unfortunately, until social services, criminal justice and other organisations are funded properly, staff recruited/trained and other alternatives explored, this is impossible. Current services are at breaking point. Schools also need to be involved here and the same issues are around for the education system in Scotland.

Mandy Grant

The prison inspector has stated that the youngsters were placed under the same restrictions inside during the pandemic as the adult prisoners and this in turn caused the suicide rates to go up and such restrictions were against their human rights. Am I missing something here? The whole country was put under these restrictions and the suicide rates went up, so surely that was against everyone’s human rights.

Dave Highley

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“Commit crime and do no time “ I’m sure the yobs of today like the sound of this. Victims and members of the law abiding public can’t believe someone is suggesting it.

Anne-Marie Bain

Delusional – until maybe they or their family is the victim. Maybe that is what it will take to shake some people out of their wooly brained ‘everybody is lovely’ stupor. She needs to look at the number of murders commited in London by under 18s.

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